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The One Where I Feel Uninspired

So, you may or may not have noticed that my blog posting pace has significantly gone down from where it was a few months ago. I went from posting around two or three things a week to barely posting every other week. And I feel like this warrants some kind of explanation, at least to those of you who continue to come back here.

There are a few reasons that have led to my blogging drought…

1. I’ve been busy. But not the “oooooo! This could make a good blog post” busy. Just the everyday ordinary facts of life busy. Thrown in with a little Parks & Rec marathoning. Leslie Knope would be WAY more on top of this then I’ve been recently… sorry Les 🙁

2. I lost my camera charger……….. This may sound dumb to some of you, but without a camera I feel a little naked. I’ve been dabbling in photography since my middle school art teacher loooooved my picture of pistachios (it’s a lot cooler than it sounds…It has to do with the lighting, composition, shadows and a bunch of other boring stuff only photographers care about. But it is a pretty sweet picture of pistachios if you ask me). I have carried a camera with me everywhere I go for as long as I can remember, it’s become a real problem. But God bless my sweet friends who continue to put up with the “wait! That wall looks really cool! Lemme take a quick pic, it’ll just take a sec” every other minute…y’all are true treasures. Sooooooooooo needless to say not having a camera around has made the visuals (and arguably my favorite part) of my blog posts virtually nonexistent. Which brings me to my third point…

3. I’ve been uninspired lately. Super super uninspired. Even though I said earlier this month, my mind never stops running and I am continually inspired by things, I occasionally go through a period of uninspired activity. When I can’t use my creative outlets (and by can’t, I mean don’t) things take a turn for the mundane. I have started a lot of projects but have not had either the time, money, patience or frankly motivation to finish them. And it’s left me feeling a little empty. It’s like the spout of inspiration in my head (which spits out bright colors, giggles and pancakes in case you were wondering…) has been completely shut off and even the teensy tiny last drips have stopped.

So for all of that I am sorry. I believe in honesty, especially with y’all. Because I think if you take time out of your busy day to read this blog or send me words of encouragement (which I ALWAYS value by the way) the least I can do is let you know I haven’t forgotten about you!!!!!

The good news is I’m getting a new camera charger this weekend which I know will start the domino effect of inspiration. Plus I’m hitting up A TON of garage and estate sales this weekend, got a color coordinated map and everything (Leslie would be so proud). And if I know myself, and I do, that should do the trick. So stay tuned kids!

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