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The One Where I Miss

Ever have those days where you just miss things? Like a lot of things. You miss people, places, moments.

Today I’m having one of those days.

I miss my friend Sabrina.
I miss being at the school I called my second home for 13 years.
I miss dancing around the kitchen with my sister.
I miss bundling up and walking down the streets of New York, going nowhere fast.
I miss making ice cream cones at the beach.
I miss the Sundays that turned into movie marathons with my mom.
I miss my friend Erin.
I miss watching leaves gracefully fall to the ground.
I miss having a diet coke with my grandfather.
I miss the smile from the cute guy walking towards me on campus.
I miss dunkaroos.
I miss watching baseball with my dad.
I miss sleeping in an impromptu living room fort with my roommates.
I miss Christmas with all my crazy cousins at Granny’s house.
I miss the kids I tutored after school every day of junior year.
I miss lying on my purple carpeted bedroom floor and listening to the latest Hansen cassette tape.
I miss going to Central Market for tailgate food.
I miss water balloon and shaving cream fights.
I miss writing handwritten letters.
I miss picking out a Christmas tree with my family.
I miss cheesy college traditions.
I miss having ginger ale after school with my grandparents.
I miss writing on the walls at John’s Grill.
I miss Sunday family game nights.
I miss high school football games.
I miss Kidd Kraddick in the morning.

Though this may sound like I’m unhappy, I’m not. I promise! I am actually 100% my happy-go lucky-smiling self 🙂

I’m just having one of those days, feeling one of those feelings. Ya know?

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