The One Where San Diego Stayed Classy

Here’s a little ditty about my mini spring break!
Although “spring break” is technically only meant for students… I have to say, I think having a mini spring break as an adult is WAY better! Because this time, I got to have a reunion with my old college roommates AND enjoy a relaxing couple of days. Can you think of anything better? I sure can’t.

Friends, reunions are just the best. Especially when they are with people you love and who haven’t all been in the same room together since before graduation! So these 3 days, however fast they flew by, were nothing but happy. I cannot express how much I love these girls and how wonderful it was to pick up right where we left off. And after the weekend was over, I truly could not come up with a better place for us to have had our first mini spring break reunion then the always sunny & lovely San Diego, California.


I’ve been to this city a few times now and each time is better than the last. I specifically love Coronado Island (where we spent the majority of our time). It’s the beautiful little beach island you didn’t know you needed in your life. The dreamiest of dreams would be to move into one of the precious Victorian style homes that’s just steps away from the sand (….hold on a second while I snap back to reality…oh, there goes gravity). And if you haven’t at least walked through Hotel Del Coronado then you’re a fool. It is the most charming & gorgeous hotel ever, and the old man that attends the elevator with you (think Haunted Mansion style, but not as creepy) (…well I take that back) is the cutest little touch to this beautiful step back in time.

Of course there are many other things to do in San Diego like the San Diego Zoo, I mean who doesn’t love a good zoo? AMIRIGHT PEOPLE?! But this trip was all about spending a few days relaxing with people who know me and love me anyway 😉

Until next time, you stay classy San Diego!

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