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The One Where We Were On A Break + Little Things


Hello friends, it’s been a minute! 60,480 minutes to be exact.

I decided to take a month(ish) long blogging break for a few reasons. First of all, I have been absolutely insanely busy. Probably more so than I have ever been since living out here. And I don’t like forced blogging or creating content solely because I need something to post each week. So instead of giving you a half-hearted post throughout my crazy month I decided to wait til I could put my whole heart back into it. I also was a little burned out. My creative juices weren’t flowing and my inspiration was completely blocked. I realized that this time last year was when I hit my blogging burnout and then a month later turned it into this new revamped blog you see now! I’m not revamping anything this time around, but I have allowed myself to be ok with taking breaks. As much as I love this blog and have high hopes for it’s future, it is not my entire life. I do it for fun. I do it because it makes me happy. And the moment that stops and it becomes a chore, is the moment I have to stop. Breaks are important. Physical, mental, personal. All the breaks matter. So I took this break and after about a week or so of wrestling with myself, I allowed myself to be ok with it. I am proud of what I have put into this blog over the past (almost) year and am excited to see where it goes! I’m glad I took a much needed break but I am so so happy to be back and can’t wait to create more content for y’all!

And just because my blog took a break doesn’t mean the little things did! There were plenty of things that made me happy during this crazy busy month. For starters I bought a car. WHAT?! I did. It was one of the most stressful, adult, long and draining experiences of my life but I am so proud to say I did it! After a million calls to my parents, test drives, budget stretches, and research after research after more research, I finally found a car. A friend was a SAINT and helped me through the actual paperwork, because no matter how much you know, dealerships will absolutely take advantage of a first time buyer single female :/ After all of this, my best advice to anyone looking to get a car is: tell everyone and ask everything. There are no stupid questions (or at least no question they haven’t heard before), you never know who knows someone who knows someone who is a car broker on the side, and even Frankie Muniz shops at Carmax. On top of that, almost everyone I know has a birthday between April-May. Plus lots of friends and family visited so I got to play host! I went to Disneyland, Harry Potter World and San Diego twice! I started power walking after work, even sometimes before work (who am I?!?!). I went to a fabulously British tea party and got to watch my best friend kick butt at a film festival. I even got to go back home to watch my sister graduate with an architecture degree she earned tenfold. Like I said, busy busy busy. And if I’m being honest, it actually doesn’t really slow down til after July 4th… But it’s my birthday month and that always inspires me 😉

Also for those who were concerned, OUR FLAMINGO FLOATIE WAS FOUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s a pretty hilarious ending to an equally hilarious story.

Photo Jun 01, 11 45 03 AM( There is just nothing better than a day at Disneyland )

Photo Jun 01, 11 48 48 AMbgch( Found this jokester in a nook & cranny of Harry Potter World )

IMG_1533( The most magical tea party with sweet friends. P.S. check out those awesome homemade ice cubes!!!!!! )

Photo Jun 01, 11 53 11 AM( I love visiting Olvera Street )

Photo Jun 02, 11 12 21 AM( New keys to a new car y’all! )

Photo Jun 01, 11 51 00 AM( Spent a spectacular evening with the fam at the Griffith Observatory. Can’t believe this place is FREE!! )

Photo Jun 01, 11 47 33 AM( The coolest wallpaper at the coolest sister’s graduation lunch)

Photo Jun 01, 11 50 02 AM( Finally got to try the commissary at the Line hotel in Koreatown!! So fun! )

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  • Reply Aunt Brenda 06-04-2016 at 1:30 pm

    Glad you’re back on-the-web, safe, sound, and re-invigorated. You know how old relatives begin to worry when they don’t hear anything for a while!

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