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The One Who Inspires Me

I got it from my momma.

(card by Rifle Paper Co.)
But really. I got everything from my momma.My sense of humor.My undying love for candy, diet coke & bread.My obsession with HGTV & The Food Network.

My love of game nights & dressing up in costumes.

My desire to document everything because I know it will all end up in a FANTASTIC scrapbook one day.

My forever love of When Harry Met Sally, The American President and Gone With The Wind.

And my ability to quote The Sound of Music from start to finish, musical numbers included.
(You think I’m kidding but once the sound went out and my mom & I performed the entire thing…
thank God for that Intermission)

My mother is kind to everyone, she knows when to be a leader and when to let other peoples light shine, she is a fighter, an encourager, a creator. She is the one always up for an adventure & oozes fun with everything she does.She taught me how to be a true friend & to include everyone no matter what.  She showed me how to love others.My mother is the most talented person I know, in so many ways. If I can one day be half the mother she is to me & my sister, my future kiddos will be the luckiest in the world. But for now, I will just strive to be like the hilarious, beautiful, loving woman she is and has always been.Love you mom and Happy Mothers Day!



See what I mean? Adventurer.

p.s. this bit never gets old, thanks for that.

Thanks for always being silly with me & encouraging my goofy side (LOL Disney pun)

Thanks for passing down your love and willingness to take silly pictures

Thanks for showing me what forever friendship looks like

Thanks for some GREAT dance parties. Also see that super cool room that’s every little girls dream?!?! She did ALL OF IT. #rockstarstatus

Thanks for teaching me the perfect crowd-pleaser for any occasion: the “curses foiled again” shtick. It’s brilliant. (but you do it better)

Thanks for continually encouraging all of my adventures. (side note: directly after this picture was taken she ran into a long lost friend… In the middle of Grand Central Station…. In New York City… #sopopular)

Thanks for teaching me the importance of family traditions, like Valentine’s Day scavenger hunts & Christmas Eve pjs.

Thanks for making me & Becca match all the time, got some fantastic #tbt’s out of it.

Thanks for always making me laugh….

PicMonkek;ly Collage



Oh and thanks for giving me LIFE. I owe ya big time for that.
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