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IMG_1212writing2Well hey there!! In case you did not read any one of my last 5 blog posts, I have moved into a house!!! Don’t worry, it’s a rental house because I’m 24 and how on earth could I possibly afford to buy a house right now. But even the rental process can be a loooooong one, filled with many ups and downs. I’m sure there will be a blog post in the near future about all my tips and tricks for surviving a rental house hunt, but in the meantime I thought I’d share with you one of my FAVORITE parts about moving: decorating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Because I grew up with the worlds most creative mother and grandmother, I have had the crafting itch since long before I can remember. And thanks to my Pinterest addiction, a large portion of my paychecks have gone towards craft supplies, flea market finds and garage sale/Craigslist gems. Plus I have a habit of picking up random things off the side of the road to eventually re-purpose (the night before trash pick-up is a lot like Christmas Eve around here, and I love it). While this may mean a lot of work for me (the fun kind of work) it means a lot of diy/decor blog posts for you!!!

With this new house I have been SO inspired to get my diy on and decorate the place that I have not one, not two, but FOUR secret Pinterest boards dedicated to ideas for every inch of this new home. And God bless my roommates for not hating the ever-growing collection of spray paint cans that still need to find a home… 🙂 So today I thought I’d share with y’all my first venture into decorating my new space: my insanely easy, fast, cheap and original coffee bag headboard!!

Y’all I can’t even begin to tell you how simple this was. And the best part is, it’s so easy even the most diy-challenged can do it! Hence my extremelyyyyyyy broken down step-by-step guide 😉

Here’s what ya need to know…

COST (keeping in mind that I have a twin bed which kept my costs way down):IMG_0981writing

$23 (+ a new $4 glue gun because I couldn’t find my old one 🙁 )


  • 3 poster boards ($1 each at the DollarTree)
  • batting (on sale at JoAnns, thank you Labor Day!!!!!)
  • material of your choosing (I used a coffee bag I found at a flea market)
  • staple gun
  • hot glue gun
  • scissors
  • X-Acto knife (not necessarily needed, but it really helped me)
  • close-pins
  • duct-tape
  • measuring tape
  • pencil
  • steamer or iron
  • command strips (or something to hang the headboard with)


1 hour. Unless you’re like me and you have the nasty habit of starting projects only to get distracted and leave them on the floor of your room for 4 days in which case it will take you a week. But for the non-lazy people of the world, this could easily have been done in an hour.


Step 1


Measure your bed and wall space for your desired headboard length and height. I propped my poster boards on top of my bed until I found the perfect height! Because I have a twin bed that fits almost perfectly in the corner by my window, the space measured out to almost exactly 2 poster boards (though I did have to cut a few inches off of one of the boards to fit). Most DIY’s I have seen use poles or wood posts to hold the headboard up, but since poster board is so lightweight, I knew I was just going to use command strips. This meant I did have to use a third poster board on the bottom which went right behind my mattress. How many poster boards you need all depends on how tall and wide you want your headboard to be 🙂

Step 2


Design the shape of your headboard. This is where it can either be incredibly tricky or incredibly easy. If I had a bigger bed, or my bed was not pushed up in a corner, I probably wouldn’t have even cut the poster board! But because I wanted a shape to mine, I surfed the internet until I found a simple shape I liked! I took one of my poster boards and basically free-handed it with a pencil.

Step 3

IMG_1032 IMG_1028

Cut the first poster board into the shape you want. The best part about this is that if you cut it and don’t like it, poster boards are only $1 and the easiest thing in the world to replace and try again 😉 Because I used a thicker poster board, scissors only worked for so long… But an X-Acto knife (or really any knife) did the trick! Don’t worry if the edge is a little bumpy because you’ll be putting so much batting and material over it, you’ll barely be able to tell in the end!

Step 4


Flip the cut board over & trace onto the other board for the same look. Then follow step 3 again 🙂

Step 5


Line the poster boards up and make sure it is the shape you want. I even brought them back over to my bed and walked in and out of my room several times to see if I liked how it looked 😉 haha!

Step 6


Once you know you like the shape, it’s time to tape like there’s no tomorrow. I recommend duct-tape because it’s trusty and hasn’t failed me yet! But also keep in mind the color and opacity of your material. Because I had light-colored batting and the coffee bag had holes, I kept the tape a light yellow.

Step 7

IMG_1051 IMG_1056 IMG_1062

Wrap your batting around the poster board. Because I had a little bit of leftover batting from another project and I wanted more cushion in my headboard, I used 2 different batting fabrics. Honestly you can add as little or as much batting as you want, but the main thing to keep in mind is the size of your staples. My small staples worked fine with my first layer of batting, but after that it got a little trickier. At the time, I couldn’t find my glue gun (I’m still living in boxes here people!!) so I just stapled the living heck outta that board. I had 2 staple guns (because I forgot I already had one when I was at Lowes buying other things…oops) and so I tried using the big staples with the second layer, but they didn’t hold. This is probably because the Lowes guy told me “this is a big staple gun missy, are you sure you can handle it?” and I responded with a look and a “THIS ISN’T MY FIRST RODEO PAL” and grabbed the biggest staples they had outta shear annoyance and for women in Lowes everywhere. Of course then I got home and realized the staples were HUGE and I accidentally stapled the poster board to my floor more than once. Soooooooo maybe stick with the medium size staples and a healthy attitude.

Step 8


Lay out the coffee bag (or your material) and play around with it until you have the pattern you want. For me I had originally thought it would take both of my coffee bags (guess this means I’ll be making some throw pillows!!) but because it is a bag, I knew I could use both sides of one and save me from using both bags! Score!

Step 9

IMG_1070 IMG_1076

Cut the material leaving plenty or room on all sides to staple and hot glue. It’s always easier to trim fabric than it is to add it back on 😉 I also realized that I didn’t just want 2 panels of material, so after I cut the coffee bag open, I took the back of the bag and cut it in half to make an additional piece! I also knew that I LOVED the seam of the bag and wanted that to run all the way down. I personally liked it a little off-center (sorry to my OCD friends) and there’s a chance I will even paint a stripe all the way down to add a little bit of character to it. But it also would have looked good without the seam (in my opinion) so really this is where your personal preference comes in 🙂

Step 10

IMG_1108 IMG_1101

Once you have the layout you like, flip it over. After many flips and trial and errors, I realized holding it down with clothespins was the easiest way for them to stay put!

Step 11

IMG_1137 IMG_1135

On the back side of the headboard start stapling the material to the poster board NOT TO THE BATTING. About half way down the board I realized I had been stapling the fabric to the batting and not the board so when i flipped it back over the coffee bag was loosely hanging on. No bueno.

Step 12

IMG_1114IMG_1131When everything is all stapled in place, flip the board back over and work on the front. I stapled the bottom layer of my coffee bag to the poster board because I knew the staples wouldn’t show and I wanted it more secure. After that (and a quick trip to go buy a new glue gun) I hot glued the top layers down. I also went back over the backside of the headboard and hot glued both batting’s and the excess coffee bag to the back. This made it MUCH more secure.

Step 13


Once the board was exactly how I wanted, it was still a liiiiiiiiiiiittle too wrinkly for my taste (wrinkles are the only time I ever get OCD about anything) so I broke out my portable steamer and went to town. An iron would have worked too buuuuut I don’t have one haha!

Don’t worry if the material doesn’t cover the whole poster board. Remember there will be a mattress, comforter and a bunch of pillows covering most of it up anyway 😉

Step 14

IMG_1164 IMG_1177

Now it’s time to hang this bad boy! I just used some regular ole handy-dandy command strips. If you’ve never used them, you are insane. They are inexpensive, a renters dream, and can hold so. much. weight. This headboard is so light though that it only needed 4!! SO EASY.

Step 15

IMG_1182 IMG_1184IMG_1187

JUST KIDDING THERE IS NO STEP 15! You’re done!! Voila! There you have it!! Easiest headboard I’ve ever made and the best part is no one will ever have one exactly like it. I mean, I do encourage you to make something similar!!!! But I have always loved having original one-of-a-kind things in my home, it’s just the original one-of-a-kind prices I have a problem with… 😉

IMG_1208 IMG_1211IMG_1214 IMG_1226IMG_1212

There are so many variations you could do with this diy. You could use plywood for a more permanent headboard. You could nail the headboard onto the wall for a cool industrial feel. And you could always go back over the headboard with brads for a fun outline! The sky’s the limit here people, and I hope this inspires you try some diy!!

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