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IMG_3687Mmmkay, so unless you’re living under a rock y’all know that Valentine’s Day is coming up. Now, celebrating your loved ones is important and all but what’s equally important is celebrating those amazing gal pals who you love and who have loved you through it ALL. And thanks to the brilliance that is Leslie Knope (from the sorely missed NBC series, Parks and Recreation) we have a whole holiday dedicated to just that called Galentine’s Day!! February 13th is all about ladies celebrating ladies and I dig it. Not that we really need any excuse to hang with our lady friends, but this holiday really is the perfect way to bring your girls together, meet some new friends, be as girly as you want and just have fun. 

This weekend I hosted an early Galentine’s Day get together at my house and it was a BLAST! LA finally had good weather and the backyard was the perfect place to hang out all afternoon. I also wanted this to be a day where my friends from different circles could meet and get to know each other, so I encouraged everyone to bring a friend and something yummy to share and I think that made all the difference! Plus I had areas set up to make flower crowns and paint flower pots so everyone could walk away with a fun craft, a full belly and a new friend or two! It was just the best and I can’t wait to host more lunches for my LA Ladies 🙂

Check out how I decorated my place along with a few tips/tricks for hosting an easy Galentine’s Day for you and your lady friends!

Since most of the party was in the backyard I kept the indoor decor pretty simple with some flowers scattered around the living room and dining room (which doubled as our serving table/room) plus some mini balloons on the floor (found HERE) and this uh-mazing letterboard that is my new obsession (found HERE). IMG_3504 IMG_3501 IMG_3486 IMG_3485 IMG_3474234 IMG_3476 IMG_3478IMG_3536IMG_3541IMG_3546IMG_3549

The backyard is where the real fun began 🙂 I set up our amazing outdoor Parenthood-style table with wicker saucer plates I found at Goodwill (I got 16 for $3!!!! Man I love that place), some miniature roses and 2 DIY cake stands (DIY blog post to follow!!) with some yummy treats!IMG_3678 IMG_3676 IMG_3693 IMG_3696

Similar to my tablescape for Friendsgiving, I didn’t want the table to be too busy so I kept the flowers small and only had 2 cake stands out there for people to snack on throughout the afternoon. Plus the glass domes on the cake stands kept the bugs away! IMG_3667 IMG_3669 IMG_3684 IMG_3658

For this area (scroll half way down this blog post to find out how I made it) I kept it pretty simple as well with some flowers and things I have picked up over the years at garage sales, flea markets and goodwill!IMG_3570 IMG_3567 IMG_3615 IMG_3613 IMG_3608

Probably my favorite (recent) flea market find has been this fun cart! We’ve been using it inside the house as a bar/coffee cart but it’s the perfect little serving station for outdoor parties too! After a can of green spray paint (needs one more coat but I ran out of time oops!) I knew this cart would pop against our white fence. I found this beverage dispenser at Hobby Lobby (can we talk about how amazing their sales are?!) and it was the best thing to have outside.


No party is complete without a photo area and this was mine. I made the backdrop out of string, a wooden rod that was $.78 at Hobby Lobby, roses from the LA flower market, and 36″ balloons (found HERE)IMG_3574IMG_3575

This might be my favorite nook in the whole backyard. We normally house my ever growing Mexican blanket collection here with some fire logs, but with some books, vintage watering can ($3 from Goodwill) and some themed Instagram pics printed on card-stock, this nook really adds a lot without costing much at all!IMG_3582IMG_3593IMG_3587IMG_3592IMG_3591

For this party I decided to have 2 areas dedicated to crafting and creating. So many of my friends have asked if we could have a crafting day and this was the perfect excuse to do so! I found the flower pots at a party-warehouse-Michaels-outlet-wannabe store next to the flower market downtown, FOR 75 CENTS EACH!!! What a steal. They are the perfect size for succulents and are cheaper than those at the dollar store! Man I love LA 🙂IMG_3603IMG_3702IMG_3707IMG_3704

I also set up a flower crown station!! This was the most fun! I forgot to really take pictures of this area but if you want to see a few of our finished flower crowns head on over to my Instagram!! With a little trial and error these became the hit of the party!IMG_3461IMG_3460

Even though it wasn’t warm enough to swim (it is February after all) I knew I didn’t want to leave the pool without some decorations. Cut to my AMAZING roommates who blew up all the balloons AND the swan floatie that filled the pool. This swan floatie is massive and fit 3 girls (plus their flower crowns) easily! P.S. we all agreed Taylor Swift would’ve enjoyed this party A LOT, but I like to think she was with us in spirit. On the swan floatie. IMG_3635IMG_3639

Then comes our massive outdoor daybed. This area is always the most asked about part of our backyard and don’t you worry, there is a full blog post coming about how (and why) we made it! but it’s basically the biggest and best thing ever and was the perfect place to sip drinks and chat about life after flower crown making! And can’t forget about our giant jenga! We followed these instructions and just love how it has turned out!!IMG_3716IMG_3715IMG_3719IMG_3724IMG_3722IMG_0508IMG_0502

And there ya have it folks! Soon I will post a backyard tour explaining where we got everything, how we repurposed things, what worked and what didn’t, and our favorite spots!  But for now scroll down for some of my favorite tricks + tips for hosting your own Galentine’s Day!

1) For the photo booth area I knew I wanted some balloons in addition to the flower wall! But since I didn’t have the budget for a helium tank, my amazing roommates blew them up (thanks Kels and Peyton!!). Obviously without helium these giant 36″ balloons would just fall to the ground, so with some creativity I created a way to fake it! I tape the balloons onto some bamboo sticks I found at the dollar store, really any stick would work, but probably the stronger the better because these balloons are a lot heavier than you might think. I put the sticks in a flower pot packed with soil (also from the dollar store, who knew they had potting soil?!) and with a little taping action they look like they are filled with helium! I decided to tape some greenery around the sticks to make it a little prettier and I LOVE how they turned out!! About a $10 contraption vs an entire helium tank?! Amazing. IMG_0509

2) You gotta have a game people can play! Bonus points if it’s visually appealing 😉
IMG_3724 IMG_3725

3) Have some sweet treats out for guests to nibble on throughout the party so they don’t have to keep going back inside for food. These cake stands were the easiest (and cheapest) things to DIY that even the most craft-challenged could easily make one! Can’t wait to share the DIY with y’all so soon!IMG_3670IMG_3657

4) Flowers, flowers, flowers. I will never stop saying that flowers make all the difference when it comes to decorating a space. I’m lucky to have an incredible flower market downtown (even if it is 20 minutes away) that has the best deals EVER. I spent close to $50 on flowers for this party, but that includes flowers for flower crowns, so I probably only spent about $20ish on flowers for decoration. And thanks to the amazing deals at the market (2 bundles of roses for $5?!?!?! Are you kidding me?!?!) that went a longggg way. Plus our house has smelled GLORIOUS for days 🙂IMG_3708 IMG_3709

5) Don’t underestimate the power of silly straws. These beauties ($3 at Hobby Lobby) were the perfect thing for our drinks and looked super cute on the drink station! Also invest in some silverware (you can get them pretty cheap from Ikea, thriftstores, even some dollar stores) that you can use for parties. Real utensils are the easiest way to upgrade your party for a more grown-up feel, and you don’t have to break the bank!IMG_3553IMG_3559

6) In my opinion, the simplest way to add character (and dimension) to any space is with books. Good news is you can get them fairly cheap, all of these below were just $1 at my local bookstore!! Also this is when you should definitely judge a book by it’s cover 😉IMG_3522 IMG_3523

7) Don’t forget to decorate the front of your home. We are SUPER lucky to have a nice porch, but even if you don’t have a lot of room there are still plenty of ways to greet your guests with something happy! You can make a wreath (or buy one), get a sign, or even just a vase with a single flower in it can make all the difference. IMG_3507IMG_3511IMG_3512

8) Balloons balloons and more balloons!!!!!!! If you have a pool it is hands down the best (and cheapest) way to add a bit of fun to your party space. If you don’t have a pool just scatter them around the ground! They work for indoor or outdoor parties and they are just fun. I got all of these at the dollar store AND splurged (3 whole dollars) to get a small pump which was a life saver for those mini balloons. IMG_3465 IMG_3632IMG_3641

Hopefully this has given you ideas for your own Galentine’s Day get together (or really just for a party in general). After feedback from my gal pals I can’t wait to do this again next year!!! Honestly I probably spent less than $100 on stuff for this party, which was mainly just for flowers, balloons, and a few other decorating things. Everything else I already owned, was planning to get anyway or was brought by friends (gotta love that potluck style). Galentine’s Day can be as simple/laid back or as fancy as you want! It’s really just a day for women to celebrate the dearest of friends because we love ’em and, let’s be honest, no one knows where we would be without them!!

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    What has become of my Christmas pictures? when you have time send me some . Especially the GROUP one.
    Love you and are so glad you are having so much fun ! granny

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