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Well hi there!!!! HAPPY FRIDAY!! I’m so stinkin’ excited it’s the weekend!! I don’t know about y’all but I got a fun sleepover planned and then a family trip to beautiful Colorado and i. can’t. wait.

Just like earlier this week when I posted the first of many LA List adventures, today I am posting the first of many printables!! I designed a few freebies for ya on the old blog, but I am PUMPED to start making them a more regular thing. I mean who doesn’t love freebies?!

Since so many of y’all are new here I thought I’d say hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And hello. And howdy. And hola. 😉

I like this printable because it can be many things. You can make it your computer/tablet background, iphone background, print it out and frame it, or my personal favorite, MAKE IT A GREETING CARD!!! Everyone loves getting cards in the mail, I don’t care who or how old you are, it’s just the best when someone you love sends you a fun surprise in the mail. I know for me, sending mail is one of my favorite things in the world (more on that later) especially living so far away from loved ones. But cards can be expensive…so I’m giving you this one fo freeeeeeeeeee!!


hiwallart I’m also pretty pumped to personally promise anyone that signs up to my subscription list AND sends me their address, will get a personal greeting card in the mail from yours truly. This is no joke people. I love writing letters (and y’all) THAT MUCH!!!

I do hope you write someone you love this weekend and just say hey! If you do, post about it with #TheOneWhereISayHi or just tag me (@katiebug616) and I’ll say hi!


hello printable

hello card pdf



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