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The One With A Little Hakuna Matata

Just so we’re all clear, the best Disney movie of all time is The Lion King. Period. If you disagree, we cannot be friends.

Kidding!! (…except I’m not)

This movie gave us so many things:

The beauty that is The Circle of Life.

The absolutely phenomenal Broadway musical that also just so happens to be the highest grossing Broadway production of all time. No biggie.

The voices of James Earl Jones (brilliant), Jonathon Taylor Thomas, Nathan Lane, Moira Kelly and Matthew Broderick (because I can totally picture Lucas Scott’s mom hangin out on Pride Rock chillin’ with Ferris Bueller, can’t you?)

The fantastic memory of going to see the 3D version in theaters with my freshman roommates and one of them blurting out how sad she gets when *SPOILER ALERT* Mufasa dies, only to have the little boy in front of us turn around in tears crying, “Mufasa dies?!?” It was like watching someone accidentally overhear Snape kills Dumbledore BUT SO MUCH WORSE.

And who could forget this GEM of a music video from Disney Channels ’03 glory days  (I see you Twitty, I see you)

The Lion King taught us so many valuable life lessons, there’s just too many to count. And lemme tell ya, there’s NOTHING like being with a child the first time they watch it (p.s. that’s babysitter-of-the-year material right there).

But for me, the greatest gift LK has recently given me is a motto, a problem free philosophy if you will.

Hakuna Matata.

Life is stressful y’all, there’s just no two ways about it. Remember when you thought the most stressful situation ever possible was figuring out how to tell your parents you failed a history test? Fools. If you haven’t learned how to change a F to an A or a 48 to a 88 by now, you will be stressed for the rest of your life (obviously I’m kidding, please don’t think I condone lying in any form. Don’t do it kids, stay in school).

But these days stress comes in many different forms: how am I going to find a job in this market? How am I ever going to meet someone if I can’t even master the “how you doin” line? How am I possibly going to pay rent next month? Or eat? Or afford netflix? HOW WILL I SURVIVE?

And the worst part is knowing it’s only gonna get worse (heyoooooo, debbie downer alert). But reality check… there are even more stressful situations in your future. Marital problems (or lack of a marriage at all), mortgages, pregnancy, infertility, divorce rates, medical expenses, kids, the cost of education, job security, retirement, and so so so many more lovely things to worry about.

Here’s the thing. I’m not here to give you the magic key that will throw all these situations away. I am here to say that when it seems like there is too much to handle and life has gotten a little too tough, just remember a woooooonderful phrase, “Hakuna Matata”. It probably won’t fix everything or answer all of your questions, but for 4 minutes and 24 seconds you can sing happily along to one of the most beloved songs of all time. You’ll be reminded that life really isn’t that bad, it will get better, and happiness is possible if you allow yourself just about 5 minutes to breath some worry-free air.

So sing it loud and sing it proud. Don’t be afraid to belt it out in a public place, everyone knows this song (show me a person who doesn’t know it and I’ll show you a one-eyed, one-horned, flying purple people eater). Y’all whatever is stressing you out right now, NO WORRIES, it’s not the end of the world. Take a sec, jam out, feed your inner child, & remember if Pumbaa, who could clear the freaking Savannah after every meal, can make it through…so can you.

Also, happy upcoming 20th anniversary Lion King. You are EVERYTHING.

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