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As I have mentioned before, I am not a big fan of New Year’s resolutions. It’s too much pressure and when it inevitably fails 2 weeks into January, I can’t help but feel the sting of defeat.

But a few years ago I came across a blog post from one of my favorite online boutiques (aka my spirit store) that was all about manifestos and I was hooked. I loved the idea of having a simple thought shape your year. It seemed so much easier to maintain throughout the busy months when typical New Years resolutions are long forgotten. So last year I decided new year, new mantra (or slogan, motto, manifesto, etc). I sat down and started brainstorming what simple thing I wanted to remember as a “theme” for 2015. I then remembered my favorite quote from Boy Meets World by the always insightful Mr. Feeny: “Believe in yourselves. Dream. Try. Do good.” I’ve never forgotten Topanga correcting Mr. Feeny saying he meant to say “Do well” but Mr. Feeny remained strong and repeating the words “Do good”.

BOOM! I had my mantra! I created this printable and hung it on my wall the whole year. Now while I will admit I didn’t “do good” 365 days a year, I think I can successfully look back on this year and see how that mantra shaped my daily life. It became a motto I always had in the back of my head and helped steer me towards decisions, adventures, people and a healthier out look.

So here we are, a year later and a big ole fan of the “new year, new mantra” idea. The beauty of keeping a mantra for a year is that it eventually becomes part of who you are, at least it has in my case. Towards the end of this past year I sat down and started thinking about what I wanted to work on in myself. And BOOM! There it was, in flashing neon lights: Follow Through.

follow through

I love this mantra especially because it applies to so. many. aspects of my life I want to work on! Follow through with my commitments to friends (aka don’t be a flake) and also to myself. Follow through with my DIY ideas and blog dreams. Follow through with my goals (lol the irony). Follow through in my career aspirations. And to follow through in my faith, which for me, is the most important aspect of this mantra.

Who knew a single mantra could hit the nail on the head in SO MANY WAYS?! I sure didn’t 😉 I’m really excited about this mantra and I can already see it impacting my day-to-day.

With this I want to encourage YOU to create your own mantra for 2016!! If you would like to use mine (heyoooo, so flattered) you can download my Follow Through printable here. Otherwise you can download the blank yellow version of this printable, write your own and hang it wherever you want! I am also using mine as a background on my phone to help me remember 🙂

Now I don’t want y’all to think I’m hating on New Year’s resolutions, because I’m definitely not! If you can make New Years resolutions and stick to them that is GREAT! I envy you more than you know. I think for me, it’s the word resolution that trips me up. It’s so intense isn’t it?! But I do have some goals I want to try and achieve this year. In my mind, the goals carry the same weight as a resolution, but I’m not going to beat myself up if I don’t all of them! These goals I have actually had for awhile (as in months and monthsssss) but am using the new year as a good excuse to implement them! I created this printable below (with plenty of free space for me to add to it later in the year) with goals and things I would like to do this year!


Good news, I have already achieved a few things on this list! Now just to follow through with them. SEE HOW THAT WORKS?!?!?! Amazing.

Like the mantra, I would also like to encourage YOU in your resolutions, goals, lists, ideas for 2016!! I created a blank template for y’all that you can download HERE and also one that includes my goals with room for you to add some of your own that you can download HERE!!!

I hope you enjoy these printables and use them as reminders through out the year! I would also loveeee to hear your mantras, resolutions, goals and plans for 2016!!! There’s plenty of room left on my goal list and I’m hungry to fill it 🙂

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