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4This time last week I turned 25. WHAT. And while I fully expect the quarter-life crisis to kick in any day now, today I’m focusing on the fun of summer birthdays. Growing up with a June birthday sadly meant most of my friends were out of town on my birthday, but it happily meant MANY pool/beach parties! Thanks to my crazy creative mom, I had some of the best summer-y parties back in the day. I had a watermelon party when I was very very little, a smiley face pool party and many family birthday parties at our beach house in Florida. So it was only natural for my 25th birthday, and a weekend that reached up to 108 degree temps in the valley, that I would throw a pool party.
Photo Jun 18, 3 16 48 PM
Now thanks to Instagram & Pinterest, if you don’t throw a trendy pool party, did it really even happen? Just kidding, you don’t have to be trendy when throwing a pool party to call it a success! It just so happens that I really really like the current pool party trends (read: giant pool floaties). And I gotta tell ya, these are trends for a reason. Giant pool floaties, beach balls, popsicles and pineapples are just FUN. And who doesn’t like fun?!

Other than the giant gold “25” balloons, nothing about this party was specific to birthday parties, so anyone can add these to their pool party at anytime! Here are my 6 favorite pool party tips and tricks:

1. Giant pool floaties

As I have mentioned on here and on my Instagram page I’m kinda obsessed with pool floats. We currently have a giant pink flamingo, 2 swans, a strawberry (now faded to vanilla) donut, a pizza and (thanks to my incredible roomies who know me SO well) a pineapple floatie!!! It’s. The. Best. And in case that wasn’t enough, we decided to fill the pool with beach balls (generously donated by my uncle) of ALL different sizes. You would think there wouldn’t be any room to swim at this point, but don’t worry, there was 😉Photo Jun 23, 10 16 55 AM Photo Jun 23, 10 16 09 AMPhghjoto Jun 23, 10 13 03 AMPhoto Jun 18, 3 19 28 PMsdPhoto Jun 23, 10 15 28 AMPhoto Jun 23, 10 06 14 AMPdfghoto Jun 19, 7 46 33 PM

2. Pineapple decor

Originally I was going to go with a Luau theme for my party, primarily because Hobby Lobby has aisle after aisle of Luau-y goodness, but I decided to pass. Instead I just went pineapple crazy. Luckily this is probably the easiest decor in the book. You literally just buy pineapples at your local grocery store and slap some sunglasses on them. Done! Plus you’ll have a healthy snack for days after the party. If I had the time, I was going to make this. Guess that means I just have to throw another party 😉 Also fun fact: Pineapples FLOAT in the pool!!!!!!!!!

Photo Jun 22, 9 35 16 AM Photo Jun 22, 9 17 40 AM Photo Jun 18, 3 19 04 PMPhoto Jun 20, 8 24 00 AM

3. Themed silly straws & drink station

I have mentioned this before, but don’t underestimate the power of silly straws. Even if you’re just drinking water, silly straws make it 10x more fun. And on that note, when it’s 100+ degrees outside a jug of water is a MUST! I had an ice chest next to the drink stand with drinks and popsicles, but we also used the ice to cool down the water. And thanks to our ever growing lemon tree, we could add spritz of lemon whenever we wanted!

Photo Jun 22, 9 15 49 AM Photo Jun 22, 9 16 35 AM Photo Jun 22, 9 17 18 AM Photo Jun 22, 9 19 06 AM Photo Jun 22, 9 18 09 AM

4. Pineapple bowling

In addition to one of our backyard staples, the giant jenga, I knew I needed another game to add to the party. Naturally the idea of pineapple bowling popped in my head. I had seen it done on Pinterest before but I knew I wanted to add a pop of color with it (because clearly our backyard was lacking… 😉 ) So we painted the pineapples! After we attempted to paint them with sponge brushes and craft paint, we decided to save time and just spray paint them! Luckily I already had spray paint on hand and this took a total of 10 minutes. And they only really needed one coat! It was definitely the talk of the party, and afterwords it makes a fun summer-y centerpiece for your house, dinning table, front porch, or office! Side note: we used a volleyball as the substitute bowling ball and it worked pretty well! Until we used too much force and it bounced up over the wall into the neighbors pool… So I recommend setting it up with a tall backboard or on a long patch of grass!

Photo Jun 20, 8 25 24 AM Photo Jun 20, 8 26 15 AM

5. Photobooth

Really no party is complete without a photobooth and props. This particular photobooth was pretty easy to make! I already had the white shutters (found on the side of the road, holla!!!!!!) and my friend suggested I use that to hang my backdrop. I have tried hanging and taping backdrops around the backyard at other parties but they almost always fall down/don’t turn out the way I plan. But this one worked pretty well! I already had Chinese lanterns I bought for super cheap in Chinatown and after I saw this super cute blog post I knew I could turn them into beach balls! Add in some fun props from party warehouse and some string and voila! Instant photobooth.

dfsdPhoto Jun 20, 7 17 02 AMPhoto Jun 22, 9 20 27 AM564Photo Jun 22, 9 21 17 AMPhoto Jun 20, 7 17 40 AMPhoto Jun 23, 3 10 48 PM

6. Popsicles

Finally the best thing to add to a summer pool party is definitely popsicles. I had originally planned to go the otter pop route, but after 2 different grocery stores and several crazy looks from employees I gave up trying to find them. Instead I found a bag of 18 good ole fashioned double popsicles for $3. I grabbed a few bags and threw them in the cooler for the remainder of the party! And honestly, who doesn’t love a good cold popsicle on a hot summer day 🙂

Photo Jun 22, 2 13 34 PM

And there ya have it folks! 6 foolproof ways to make any pool party a success. I plan to throw MANY more of these bad boys as the temps keep climbin’ away. But it’s hard to hate the heat when you’ve got good friends, good eats and good pool floats by your side 🙂

Photo Jun 18, 3 17 16 PM

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  • Reply Granny 06-24-2016 at 9:03 am

    You are without doubt the coolest ! Cutest party I have ever seen !! Bar none ! I love the sprayed pineapples the bestest !!!!
    Just thought . You need my mesh cover up with the bikini pieces on it . I have had my fun with it and you will have a blast wearing it ! Would also be great for photo station next party . Since my time is taken up . Maybe Becca will mail it to you and I have a large pkg of water balloons I need to get rid of and you can put to good use! Everyone needs a water balloon fight every once and a while !!!😎

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