The One With A Summer To-Do List

Living in California is kinda like living in an extended summer, minus the vacation part. I can’t tell you how many days in January I wore shorts and a tank, and don’t even get me started on how many times I wore white before labor day (…it was a very real struggle for this true blue southerner).

But now it’s actually here. Summer. Ahhhhhhhhhh!

Except I don’t have summer vacation anymore (that is going to take some adjustment). No more laying by the pool on a Tuesday or meeting up with friends for an impromptu barbecue on a Thursday. Instead I will be working. And by working I mean staring out at the GIANT window in front of my desk that is basically just begging me to play hooky and enjoy some summer sun.  Oh how I wish I could.

Instead I am going to get very type-A (which is super unlike me) and plan fun things to do to make me feel like I’m on summer vacation, right in my own backyard. Well technically I don’t have a backyard… unless you count the slab of concrete for the recycle bins (I do not), so backyard in this case means ALL OF LOS ANGELES.

Just like the spring I made myself a summer to-do list! Fingers crossed I stick to it…

1. See some outdoor movies because indoor movies are just so much less fun. This is one of my favorite things about Los Angeles and one of my favorite things about summer. There are SO many movies playing all around the city all summer long! Some are free, some have food trucks, some are downtown on the side of a building, some are at the beach and some are in a cemetery (fully convinced LA is the only place this could be considered normal). Even if you don’t live in Cali/LA, there are plenty of other fun summer movie experiences all over the place, I’m willing to bet you the money I don’t have, there is a drive-in somewhere near you. If not all you really need is a projector (which you can rent), a white bed sheet (don’t rent bed sheets…that’s weird), your favorite movie and some friends and you’re in business!

2. Go to the beach more. A common misconception about living in California (specifically Los Angeles) is that we go to the beach every day. LORD HOW I WISH. Though I don’t live too far, the traffic alone is enough to get me out of the beach-y mood and convince me to stay inland. Also, the water is FREEZING pretty much at all times of the day/year which generally makes going to the beach considerably less fun (I’m a Gulf of Mexico kinda girl). But you know what? IT’S SUMMER KATIE, goodness gracious enough with the excuses already! I hereby promise to visit some of my favorite beaches (I’m looking at you Malibu & Manhattan) and discover some new ones. After all nothing says summer like a day at the beach!

3. Have a snow-cone just for the heck of it. Should be self-explanatory.

4. Go to a outdoor concert(s), what is it about doing indoor things outdoors that makes them so much more fun?! You know, I’m all for a cool intimate show at the House of Blues or a massive jam-sesh at the Staples Center, but like movies, experiencing music outdoors is the BEST. Gimme a show at the Greek or the Hollywood Bowl and I’m a happy camper (…camper…outdoors…sensing a theme here??)

5. Read a book for those that know me, voluntarily wanting to do this is a BIG DEAL. Reading books has just never really been my thing. Don’t get me wrong there are many books that I have been lost in and longed for their world over my own, but if I’m being 100% honest I’m a movie person (should be no surprise, I did move to Los Angeles after all). But can we all just take a second to remember summer reading back in grade school… Though I normally deeply hated it and always invisioned my future English teachers slow painful death while reading them (I mean really, WHO WANTS TO READ THE ILIAD OVER THE SUMMER?!) summer just isn’t complete without reading a book. Luckily, there is no teacher forcing me to do this, which means the possibilities are endless! So much power and freedom guys!! …actually that’s too much freedom, I don’t know where to start… Got any suggestions friends?

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