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The One With A Sunday Well Spent

Recently I heard this quote and I think it’s brilliant…

   “A Sunday well spent brings a week of content.” 

Now that I’ve started a job, my weeks have become more routine.

Routine does not have to necessarily mean boring my friends, there is nothing in the book that says a routine cannot be happy or fulfilling. And the way I have found to keep it from being boring, is to begin the week well.

Real talk: pretty much all my life I have considered the week to really start on Monday (thanks a lot school). Saturdays and Sundays are the weekEND that follow after the END of the week, hellooooooo. But now, thanks to my beloved How I Met Your Mother no longer being on the air Monday nights, there is really not much to look forward to on Mondays and therefore not much to bring about a week of content (not that HIMYM always did that, but it sure made Mondays a lot better).

But after I saw this quote, I took the time to actually look at my calendar instead of just looking at that picture of Radio City Music Hall above it. Sundays actually really do start the week in the real world, so I should probably join the rest of society and honor that.

So what all exactly does “a Sunday well spent” entail? Oh, I thought you’d never ask. I think it means spending it in whatever way means happy and fulfilling to you.

Some people cannot sit still. If they do they feel unproductive which leads to stress and anxiety. So for those people I would say spending Sunday lying around watching the big game would NOT be a Sunday well spent. Perhaps you should go for a run in the park, make a to-do list and actually check things off, run all your errands or plan out all your meals for the week.

For other people, that could not sound like a worse way to spend a Sunday. I’m with ya there folks, just thinking like that makes my head hurt. But that’s because I know myself really well and I know what fulfills me. For me it’s actually pretty simple, watching a really really good movie can do the trick or baking something fun or spending the day relaxing in the park.

The key is to know what makes you happy, what makes you feel a sense of fulfillment. And that comes with time and learning who you are. Through a lot of trial and error I found that when I spent my Sunday relaxed and worry free, I would go into the week with a sense of peace and readiness that ironically I don’t feel when I spend my Sunday doing things to prepare for the next week. It’s weird and backwards I know, but it’s what works for me! I would much rather do my grocery shopping Monday night after work, then battle the Sunday crowds (cause y’all, nothing’s worse than a crowded grocery store parking lot, amirite?!).

So there you have it folks. My random two cents on how I try to make my weeks just a little bit better. Hope y’all have a great weekend and a Sunday well spent!

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