The One With A Weekend In Big Bear

Earthquakes & thunder & mini golf, OH MY! (…because who doesn’t love a forced Wizard of Oz reference, amiright?!)
So I know 4th of July was awhile ago, but things have taken a turn for the busy since getting back from the greatest little weekend getaway there ever was.

For starters, work became strangely busy (trust me, that’s odd), laundry has officially taken over every square inch of my room (not that I’ve done any of it), free slurpee day and cow appreciation day happened. ON THE SAME DAY. And my roommate came home just in time to start our adventures in kitty-sitting… neither of us are cat people AND we own a bird who hates everything. ever. So this should be a very very interesting next couple of months (gladly accepting prayers and bigger bird cages).

All that to say, I know I should have posted this many moons ago, but life happens y’all. Life and free chic-fil-a.

Anywho, here it is: my adventures in Big Bear, CA. We only spent about 48 hours there, but they were a glorious 48 hours. Some of the most magical I’ve seen in a long while. 5 friends (some old, some new) packed ourselves up nice and tight for a 2 hour car ride and an epic music battle that lasted the entire weekend: themed spotify playlists vs. old school mix CD’s. Some of you may be asking, really, mix CD’s? After all this time? Always.

When we finally hit the absolutely beautiful mountain roads, we pulled over at a lookout to, yep, you guessed it: lookout. As soon as we opened the car doors we heard thunder. FOR THE FIRST TIME IN OVER A YEAR. I could have cried. Ok, I did cry. Thunderstorms are pure magic people! You really don’t appreciate the good things til they’re gone. Also the smell of rain. I could have sniffed the air for hours. Ok, I did sniff the air for hours. Really for the whole weekend… It’s a magical smell ok?! A smell that smelled just a little too foreign for comfort.

Regardless, the rainy weather was tremendously joyous for all involved. Most people would think it could ruin a trip, but not these happy campers! In fact, for a solid hour Saturday morning I rocked in a rocking chair on the porch, watching the thunder clouds roll in, sippin’ on some OJ from a very “campy” mug and didn’t even mind the raindrops one bit. I did however mind an earthquake happening at the exact moment some intense thunder clapped (for awhile I may or may not have thought I rocked that rocking chair a little too hard…) But all in all, the weather was amazing. It cleared up just in time for 4th of July fireworks AND some town/lake exploring.

Although we may have had tacos on the 4th and hamburgers/watermelon on the 5th….shhh! Don’t tell Uncle Sam! the whole weekend was just GRAND. Great friends, great weather, great adventures, great food, and a great new town that I’m all too excited to visit again and again. Big Bear you have a BIG place in my heart.

Also if ever there were a song that could perfectly describe all of this, it would definitely be “Rivers and Roads” by The Head and The Heart. If you don’t listen to it right now, you’re a fool.

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