The One With An Inspiration Journal


Okie doke folks, let’s talk inspiration.

If there is one thing I am in this world, it’s a dreamer. My imagination is basically on non-stop and I couldn’t imagine life any other way (hardy-har-har). Anything from an old movie to a drive down the street in a new city sparks some kind of inspiration switch in me. And it doesn’t matter what it is either! Landscape, clothes, words, patterns, light, colors, people, nature, etc. I take a mental (or sometimes physical) snapshot and file it away for another day. My mind is basically like one giant Pinterest board that never shuts off (oh don’t you worry, I definitely already have a Pinterest and am on it way more than I care to admit). But as much as I love my Pinterest boards I like to be able to physically work with my inspiration. I like to circle things I love, write notes and cut things out. So on a recent day off I decided to get my DIY on and create an inspiration journal! See below for easy tips to make one of your own, even the most DIY-challenged can make this guy 🙂


What you’ll need:

  • a journal (I used an old empty one & mod-podged a photo I liked onto the cover!)
  • tape
  • scissors
  • pens or sharpies
  • post-its (mainly because I am addicted to them)
  • something that inspires you

THAT’S IT! See, I told ya it was easy. Chances are you probably have all of this stuff already!


Although “Washi tape” is currently sweeping the crafters nation, I chose mini duct tape and LOVE it! I mean y’all, it’s durable and cute… what more could you want out of a roll of tape?!
This particular Inspiration Journal was for the DIY-designer in me. But I also have one for places I want to travel and one filled with quotes I love that I keep with me wherever I go! I am also working on an inspiration wall in my room of films, quotes and things that keep me going out here in LA. Stay tuned for more!
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