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The One With August’s Little Things


Well folks, it certainly has been awhile. Lots of things have been going on on my end as well as some much much needed rest. As you know we lost my grandfather late last month and as almost anyone will tell you, dealing with a loss is definitely a process. Thank you to everyone who has reached out, it has meant the absolute world to me and my family! I miss him everyday, but I have loved finding him in unexpected places at the most needed times 🙂 This month has seen a lot of reflection as well as a lot of fun! I had many friends (both old and new) visit me at work and my best friend started working with me! We resigned our lease for another fun year in our house and reflected on all the wonderfulness this home has brought us over the past year. I went to Harry Potter world, a surprise birthday party, a 3 year-old’s princess party, a going away party, and an awesome “Halloween in July, in August” party. Lots of celebrations this month, my old college roomie even got engaged and asked me to be in her house party! I spent as many days in the pool as I could, went to see a lot of movies and even started playing volleyball on Sunday nights. At the end of the month we got a PUPPY!!!!!!!! Just kidding-kinda. We are puppy sitting for a few days and it’s the absolute best! Last week I was lucky enough to volunteer at the incredible, amazing, life-improving Yellow Conference and y’all… It was everything. Seriously it was so wonderful to be surrounded by 500+ creative women lifting each other up through encouragement and inspiration. If you want to know more about my experience please reach out to me! I have not stopped talking about it and I don’t plan to anytime soon 😉 I mean who doesn’t love to hear all about crazy inspirational women and the wonderful ways they are using their skills and talents for good?! I know I sure do! So that was my month and it was a great one. OH! And did I mention I watched the OLYMPICS all day everyday?!?!?! Because I did. If I’m being honest, that probably took up most of my month. I definitely even canceled plans so I could watch certain events ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. I threw an awesome opening ceremony watching party complete with themed foods, a photobooth and Olympics bingo & MadLibs. Y’all I just love the Olympics, everything about them. It’s just so wonderful and it brings the entire world together. At a time when our world and country definitely needed some unity, I’m so thankful the Olympics could bring us all together. I think if everyone, especially Americans, lived every day like it was the Olympics, the world would be a much better place to live 🙂

Photo Sep 01, 9 20 30 AM{ Drove to the beach after work one day and had the most beautiful quiet time }

Photo Aug 24, 11 09 55 AM{ A fun brunch with fun friends }

Photo Aug 25, 9 27 41 AM{ Y’all The Shift Creative absolutely KILLED IT in the aesthetics department at the Yellow Conference }

Photo Aug 24, 11 14 47 AM{ The most beautiful roses that are the most beautiful combination of my grandparents favorite colors 🙂 }

Photo Aug 26, 8 00 03 AM{ Amen and amen }

Photo Sep 01, 9 20 10 AM{ Themed food for the Olympics party (hint: these are supposed to look like Olympic torches }

Photo Sep 01, 9 21 34 AM{ Went “off the grid” for a day in Big Bear and it was the best }

Photo Aug 24, 11 06 54 AM{ Sometimes I forget how much I love California }

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