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The One With December’s Little Things


Ohhhh December, what a way to wrap up 2015!! This month was jam packed with adventures, holiday cheer, and colder weather in California than Texas. Yeah, you read that right… Y’all I just love that without fail, come every December, I know I will be surrounded by old friends and familiar faces all month long. PLUS we are usually doing something holiday related and doesn’t that just makes it even better?! I am also super lucky I get to travel home for the holidays and spend over a week (thanks work!!) with the people I love in the state I love 🙂 Family time is always fun and much needed, but family time around the holidays is everything. Though the holidays can be hard at times, when I look back on the season I mostly feel warmth and smiles. Can ya really ask for anything better than that?!

I am also extremely thankful for enough time off to gather my thoughts, reflect on the past, and plan for the following year. I have never really been one for New Years resolutions (mainly because I know I won’t keep up with them throughout the year), but I am a fan of New Years mantras! I tried one last year and I loved it, so I am trying again with a new one this year! Don’t worry I will share allllllll about it in a separate post soon (+ printable!!) I am also really excited about where this blog will go in 2016! I have been planning and praying about it a lot over the past few weeks months and I can’t wait to share it all with y’all 🙂 Get ready for more adventures in California, LA and around the country, DIY/decor posts, printables, calendars (my favorite!!), and much more! Also thank you to all the friends, family, random people I’ve known forever and some I have just met who have given me so much positive blog love this month. I am still shocked anyone besides my sweet grandparents want to read what I say or see what I do on a (semi) regular basis 😉

Photo Dec 30, 11 08 50 AM (1){ I appreciate this honest description at my local antique mall }

IMG_2027_2{ Took a trip down to the Queen Mary in Long Beach for holiday fun with the roommates 🙂 }

Photo Dec 05, 12 58 32 PM{ Hands down the cutest Christmas cookie cutter at a good friends Christmas cookie party }

Photo Dec 21, 2 52 08 PM{ Spent more than a few hours window shopping in LA this season }

Photo Dec 21, 2 45 26 PM1{ If I did New Years resolutions, mine would be to not kill anymore plants }

Photo Dec 13, 6 28 33 PM1{ The sweetest friends ever kidnapped me and spent the WHOLE DAY treating me to things I love to do! True friends y’all, there’s nothing like ’em }

Photo Dec 30, 11 13 50 AM{ Kicking myself for not getting this vintage apron }

Photo Dec 14, 11 40 20 AM1{ Sometimes you look down at the gas station and leave smiling a smile that lasts for the rest of the day }

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