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The One With February’s Little Things


Happy Leap Day friends!!! I love this day and all the craziness that comes with it. I love that it gives us an extra day to laugh out loud, run errands, catch up on our fav shows, meet up with friends, or just sleep (because Lord knows we all could use more sleep). As for me, I’m using this day to reflect. Reflect on the busy busy month that was February. I can’t remember the last time I was consistently busy for this long. Although I did have one entire weekend with nothing planned, it still got filled up insanely quickly, but filled up with good memories so I can’t complain šŸ˜‰

This month started off with a spectacular Galentine’s Day brunch with my bestest gal pals, flower crowns, yummy foods, and flowers GALORE. Then came the Superbowl (was so close to winning the office pool y’all. SO CLOSE.) and my dad’s birthday. The following week saw a beach day with the roomies, Valentine’s Day at the pool with the best of friends, a day trip to Santa Barbara where we turned off our phones THE ENTIRE DAY and it was the best, and my best friend since kindergarten’s birthday. Then a busy week at work, with lots of friends stopping by for visits and lunch time hangs, another pool day, a trip down to Abbot Kinney for a little window shopping (and saying goodbye to one of my favorite stores), a Peppa PigĀ show downtown with the cutest 4 year old triplets you ever did see. The final week in February saw another busy week at work (it was the week leading up to the Oscars people!!), and anĀ earlyĀ morning walking around with my roomie before work, my first ever Lakers game, and a FABULOUS Oscar party I assure you all the celebs were jealous of šŸ˜‰ PHEW! I am exhausted just relaying all of that! And I know I forgot some things. But mostly what I remember about this month was the amount of smiles I saw. Sure, not every day was rosey. But that’s ok! When I look back on February I doubt I’ll even remember those days. But those smiles y’all… from friends, from strangers, from me.Ā ThatĀ is what has made this month the happiest and that is what I’m choosing to spend this Leap Day doing: just smiling šŸ™‚

{ It’sĀ bougainvillea season y’all and I’m PUMPED }

IMG_0694{ Said goodbye to Bountiful in Abbot Kinney. Aka the cake stand store of my dreams }

IMG_0894Ā { I love a good sidewalk sign }

{ No Oscar party is complete without a photobooth and a little Leo love }

IMG_0895{ When you get to work a hour early, you treat yourself to a morning read &Ā the biggest burrito of all time }

IMG_0499{ I don’t think I can express how much I love the LA flower market. This sink full of flowers was < $50!!!! }

IMG_0899 { Our lemon tree is producing like CRAZY!!! Y’all I’ve never seen so many lemons in my lifeĀ }

IMG_0897{ SpentĀ at leastĀ 1Ā day every week on the pool floaties &Ā sipping on fresh lemonade slushies AND LOVED IT }

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