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Printable Calendar //

Just because it’s the middle of the month doesn’t mean you can’t start a new calendar! ……..right?!

Like I mentioned last month in my printables post, I have been doodling up a storm lately. Sometime around mid-January I realized my room was calendar-less and also that I was money-less. Well, at least too broke to spend the mula on one of those over-priced but freakishly cute calendars I have pinned all over the place. So naturally I did the next best thing, create my own. And I decided to share them with y’all!!

These calendars are great. They print best on high quality paper, unless you have one of those super printers, then regular paper should be just fine!! If you would like a more simple look, I have calendars for each month without the doodles, and those leave plenty of room to write little to-do lists or add your own embellishments! There are so many things you can do with these calendars: print them out normal for a more minimalist approach or on colored or design paper to add some fun! You can also hang them up with a clip board (like I did), with a magnet for a fridge calendar, washi tape, close pins,  or put it behind a frame and use a dry erase marker to write with!

I have left both sets of calendars number-less so they can easily transition from year to year!! Right now I am in the process of creating desktop wallpaper calendars as well as more colorful printable ones! If you are interested in knowing when those (or any other printables) are available on the blog either subscribe in the box to the right or follow me on Pinterest!! Enjoy! 🙂

Printable Calendar //

With doodles:
January // February // March // April // May // June 
July // August // September // October // November // December

Without doodles:

January // February // March // April // May // June 
July // August // September // October // November // December

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