Little Things

The One With January’s Little Things


And just like that, we’ve got the first month of 2016 in the books! Can you believe it?!

Y’all what a month January has been (thank goodness for that calendar, am I right?!) It was filled with friends, adventures, crafts, cooking, brainstorming, committing, and conquering the most complicated phone system known to man. You think I’m kidding, but we got new phones at work and it might as well have been the end of the world around here. But now that I have mastered it I feel like I can run a marathon!!!! (just kidding, I don’t run). I also spent a good portion of the month doing things I haven’t done in a long long while, like relaxing for a whole weekend on a snowy mountain top, dancing around to old records, spending a day at a museum, and coloring in a coloring book!! Honestly whoever brought back the (adult) coloring book was a GENIUS and I love them. Also I have worked really hard at incorporating my 2016 mantra into my daily life! I’m excited to say that with just 1 month in, I have followed through on all my plans with friends, personal January goals, career and faith commitments and most of the DIYs I had committed to do this month. And as for my 2016 goals, I have not killed any plants (at least not before their time…), I have found a Bible study that I LOVE, and I have cooked from a cookbook (or an actual recipe) every week! Sometimes more than once!! So far this is turning out to be a pretty good year, I like where it’s heading and I’m not afraid to dream a little bigger every day 🙂

IMG_0179{ One day soon my home will be filled with these little beauts }

IMG_0253{ Had a wonderful afternoon dreaming with a new friend and drinking tea }

IMG_0259{ Spent a glorious weekend cooped up in a cabin reading scripts and talking story with the best people }

IMG_0255{ Learning to always always always look up }

IMG_0256kl{ Like I said, whoever brought back the coloring book (for grown-ups) is a genius }

IMG_0264{ Days that turn into nights exploring LACMA with friends are hard to beat }

IMG_0257{ Is there anything better than sitting around the fire with friends? }

IMG_0263{ I wanted to buy every last one of these, instead I took a picture }

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