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The One With June’s Little Things


Hi friends! Oh what a month this has been!!! I’m pretty sure every single day this month was booked with something! I started off the month with a trip back to Texas to see family, friends, and to be in my college roommates wedding! It was the most magical wedding with nothing but good vibes and happy times. It’s always so refreshing to spend time with my college roommates. These friends are a gift for the soul and the wedding weekend was all kinds of beautiful (and I’m not just talking about the STUNNING bride). Towards the end of my TX trip my grandfather fell and had to be rushed to the ICU. He is doing better now, still heavily sedated (p.s. thank you for all your prayers!! They are appreciated more than you know). And while it was the most unfortunate circumstance I was glad to be in Texas when it happened and to get to see most of my family all together. When I got back to Cali I hit the ground running with events and errands and BIRTHDAY FESTIVITIES!!!!!!!!!! Oh it was a great 25th birthday y’all (complete with my annual Nuggets of Wisdom post). And naturally I chose to celebrate with a massively colorful pool party because why not??? This month was also full of quality time at the theater! I went to see 42nd Street at the Pantages with my roommates and the following weekend roadtripped out to Phoenix to see my best friend since kindergarten kick butt in yet another marvelous musical. My other bestie since kindergarten flew to LA and we had the most epic roadtrip (blog post to follow) with stops to see giant dinosaurs and banana museums. Then we got dinner with our other pal (who we have known since middle school y’all, so many reunions this month!!!) and we all went to see Erin in Avenue Q (also if any of you in Phoenix/Arizona happen to be reading this post GO SEE IT!!! It’s hilarious and awesome and has puppets). Then we sweated our life away in the AZ heat and Erin and I set back on the open road for a 6 hour trip singing & dancing pretty much the entire way home. Y’all I’ve been friends with these chicas for 20 YEARS. WHAT. They’re the type who know all about me and love me anyway 😉 And I’m so thankful for time with them. Side-note, during our trip another one of our friends since kindergarten had her twin baby girls!!!! And they are BEAUTIFUL!!! Congrats Kata O 😉 So many good times with old friends this month. But also so many good times with my LA peeps! I went to the most awesomely fun Sound of Music sing-a-long night at the Hollywood Bowl (best birthday present ever-thanks mom & dad!!), went to a LA Sparks game with some lovely ladies, saw more movies than I’ve seen in a good while, adopted another pool float into the pool floatie fam, and got next to no sleep the entire month. Even still, this month was one for the books. But I’m so so excited to spend the next month resting my body and my bank account 😉

Pfgdfghoto Jun 26, 12 53 09 PM
{ Jumped on the boxed water train this month and never looked back }

IMG_3319{ The yummiest chicken biscuit diner that makes the 110 degree heat bearable }

Photo Jul 01, 9 28 25 AM{ Had the best time taste-testing the most amazing Acai bowls from Amazebowls!! }

Photo Jul 01, 9 47 32 AM{ Drove through the most beautiful roads on our roadtrip to Phoenix }

Photo Jul 01, 9 42 07 AM{ If you’re going to get suffocated by balloons they should definitely be giant gold foil “25” balloons }

Photo Jul 01, 9 37 58 AM{ The most beautiful chandelier tree in Silver Lake }

Photo Jul hjk01, 9 32 22 AM{ A fun surprise trip to get ice cream with my parents at the cutest little place in Fort Worth }

Photo Jul 01, 9 43 10 AM{ Can’t believe I’ve lived here 3 years and am just now seeing the GORGEOUS Pantages theater }

Photo Jun 16, 11 05 38 PM{ Happy to report I’ve become re-obsessed with photo booths }

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