The One With LINKS of Happiness (Part 2)

As I said awhile back I would be sharing links to things I love from time to time.

Lately I have been LOVING singing along to Sam Smith in my car, what a voice! I also love anything Billy Crystal, Judy Garland & Harry Potter related 😉 And finally the last quote has been on my mind a lot lately. I am perfectly content with my calm little life and that just makes my heart really happy.

So enjoy and as always… SPREAD THE HAPPINESS FOLKS!!

happy little diddy… 

 ( Sam Smith – “Stay With Me” )

happy read… 

A hilarious lady interviewing 1 of my top 5 favorite people? YOU BETCHA.

happy snapshot… 

After seeing Meet Me in St. Louis on the big screen I’ve rediscovered my love affair with Judy Garland. What a BEAUT.

happy giggle… 

Let’s just talk about how much I neeeeeeeeed #9. It would go perfectly in the Harry Potty in my apartment!!

happy thought… 

A daily reminder and a daily happy 🙂

1.  //  2.  //  3.  //  4.  //  5.
Share the happiness!!
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