The One With My Favorite Quirky Holidays

For obvious reasons, most of them have to do with food.
So this month marks not one, but TWO of my favorite holidays and SPOILER ALERT neither of them are the 4th of July (though I do looooove me some fireworks and patriotism). So what could they be you ask? Oh nothing big, just NATIONAL ICE CREAM DAY (July 20) and FREE SLURPEE DAY (this Friday).

*pause for dramatic effect*

I know y’all, I KNOW! It’s a big month. So much happiness to celebrate, so little time!!! It may sound quirky but I am all about quirk. I truly believe if there’s not even a little bit of quirkiness in every single day, you are doing life wrong.

I am also a really big fan of celebrating the little things (in case you hadn’t noticed). Because I think the little things are what make life happiest & celebrating these goofy holidays are just a small way I like to make life a little happier.

So here’s to 2014’s quirky holidays! Here’s to the bizarre ones, the comical ones, the lovable ones, the happy ones.

All information found on To download the 2014 quirky calendar above click here.
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