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The One With November’s Little Things


Oh November. You are always my favorite. Other months try to edge you out, but there is just no comparison. Even though Thanksgiving is at the end of the month, I tend to be thankful all month long when November rolls around. And this month was no different. At the beginning I got to spend a LOVELY weekend with my mom and grandmother running around LA. I don’t think the we have ever had a vacation just the 3 of us, and while we definitely missed the rest of our fam, it was so nice just hanging out with 3 generations. My mom and grandmother are hands down the most creative women I know, and it was a blast picking their brains and showing them around town for a few days. Let’s make this an annual thing ladies! Then came the election…………… I’m not going to get into that because this is a happiness blog and that thing was anything but. So let’s just skip ahead a few days shall we? Next up was my sweet college friends wedding in my sweet college town of Waco Texas. Which meant I also got to spend a day + night with my sister in Austin. It was so cool seeing her new digs, work, and life!! She is such a grown up but also like the raddest 23 going on 24 year old I know. Then I got to hang with my college bestie and her fiancé and a bunch of my other college friends and head up to Waco to meet up with a bunch of our other college friends and see our two college friends get married and celebrate with a bunch more of our college friends!! Did I mention I spent a bunch of time with a bunch of college friends? It was so refreshing. Just the absolute best weekend ever (we LOVE you Sabrina + Jacob!!). We hit all our old stomping grounds and were those people walking all over campus in beautiful bridal party dresses but were too old to know anyone else on campus so it felt weird but also super cool #alumnistatus. Then I came back to LA for a magical week of Fantasic Beasts-ness and friends. I spent my one free weekend in LA hanging with my friends at in-n-out (duh), getting up super early for (my 3rd) screening of Fantastic Beasts (because hellooooo Eddie Redmayne), went to an all-day-all-night mega awesome Gilmore Girls marathon (complete with junk food, Chinese take out, coffee mugs, Luke’s decor and a boyfriend score board TEAM JESS ALWAYS) and ended the weekend hosting the most wonderful Friendsgiving yet. Sounds like the most magical weekend ever right?! It totally was. Then I had actual Thanksgiving with my lovely family back in Texas! Favorite holiday + favorite people + favorite food, is there anything better? Then my mom, dad, sister and I got up at the crack of dawn to drive down to Austin for the UT/TCU football game. This may not sound like a big deal to you, but it’s been 7 YEARS since I tailgated outside Darrell K and sat on the 30 yard line surrounded by burnt orange. So needless to say it was AWESOME joining in the family tradition again (even if it was surprisingly cold). Then we came back home and decorated the whole house for Christmas AND got to have dinner at one of my favorite restaurants in Fort Worth that recently reopened after a fire burned them down 2 years ago. Then I got to spend quality time at the airport with my old college roommate because her plane to Denver happened to be at the gate next to my plane to LA!!! See what I mean?!?!?! SO MUCH TO BE THANKFUL FOR THIS MONTH. Plus my roommates and I got our Christmas tree, the Gilmore Girls revival happened (even if I had strong opinions on it), I made new friends, got together with old ones (hi Sara!), ate all my favorite foods (what Whole30?), had multiple hilarious conversations with Lyft drivers and the weather finally caught up with the season! It may have been cold, but there was so much warmth this month. I will always love November for that. So thanks favorite month, and now onto December!!

photo-nov-07-7-30-23-pm{ The most yummy brunch at The Beverly Hills Hotel with mom and Granny }


{ My bestie can throw a KILLER 12 hour Gilmore Girls  marathon y’all }

photo-nov-13-3-34-36-pm{ Had breakfast at my favorite college brunch place with my favorite college brunch friends }

photo-dec-01-9-49-11-am{ My sister’s house is cooler than your house }

photo-dec-01-9-56-06-am{ Hi leaves! About time you fell on our street }

photo-nov-07-7-24-55-pm{ Spent the most GLORIOUS day coloring on the beach with my mom and grandmother }

photo-dec-01-10-30-57-am{ My sweet dad surprised my sweet mom with a new Christmas decoration }

photo-dec-01-10-30-11-am{ Views like these are reason #7,439,853 to avoid highway holiday traffic }

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