The One With Nuggets Of Wisdom From Year 25


Well friends it’s that time of year again! Today is my birthday, which means it’s time to list all the things I learned this past year in my annual “nuggets of wisdom” blog post!

This is such a fun tradition (and seems to be everyone’s favorite post) and even though I write these things down with the intention to give them to my future kiddos, I like to think/hope there’s a little something in here we can all learn from.

See past nuggets of wisdom HERE (year 24) HERE (year 23) and HERE (year 22).

  1. Turns out no matter how old I get, if I randomly wake up at 4am I’m convinced there’s a murderer in my house.

  2. Always take your empty cart back to the store. Because if you just try to send it across the parking lot hoping it will make it back by itself, you are dead wrong. Instead you will definitely hit a car and there will definitely be a person in said car and you will definitely start running after the cart like a crazy person yelling “LOOK OUT!!” like they are about to be hit be a meteor or something and then you will definitely be the talk of the Hobby Lobby parking lot.

  3. It’s perfectly acceptable to be insanely excited about a new Walmart opening up.

  4. Prayer is the most helpful answer.

  5. Sometimes you’ll think “hey I can totally flush that toilet with my foot in a cool ninja-like move”. But you can’t. You’ll break your toenail and your foot will fall into an unflushed toilet.

  6. The balsamic vinegar and soy sauce bottles look the same but they do NOT taste the same on rice.

  7. Day old horrible sunburns are definitely the reason you drove the wrong way on a one way street. Not just because you weren’t paying attention.

  8. There’s nothing quite like remembering you have ice cream in the fridge.

  9. Your end-of-a-date game is not very strong. To say the least. But it always makes for a good story!

  10. Stick around. Or be ok with learning later that you missed out on something fun.

  11. The best moment to be happy is right now. I stole that from a Life cereal commercial.

  12. Don’t buy those gas station nuts. They may sound good now but in about a hour and a half you’ll completely regret it.

  13. Conferences are cool now. Conference calls still are not.

  14. Recording the opening of a podcast is difficult to do at 10pm on a Wednesday. But the outtakes make it totally worth it.

  15. Some people come and go in your life in a very short amount of time. That’s ok. That’s how it’s supposed to be sometimes.

  16. If you think you are in the way of the shot of the new Will Ferrell & Amy Poehler movie, you are definitely in the way of the shot of the new Will Ferrell & Amy Poehler movie.

  17. Your introvert is showing. And you should be proud.

  18. There are few places your car can get blocked in for hours at a time AND be in a car wreck on totally separate occasions but still find it to be the most calming happy place, and one of those places is the flower market.

  19. Meet cool people. But don’t feel intimidated or discouraged. Instead enjoy their coolness and remember your own coolness. You deserve to be here.

  20. It’s ok that your little sister has fallen in love before you. It’s ok that your friend just had beautiful twin girls. It’s ok that your roommate wrote an amazing episode of television. Those are THEIR victories and you should celebrate THEM. Their victories are NOT your failures.

  21. And also you have your own victories and no two peoples victories will ever look alike.

  22. You may think those jolly ranchers are a good work snack, but then Lebron James walks in and your entire mouth is blue.

  23. I love when you’re camping and complete strangers say good morning. It’s one of the most genuine “good mornings” you’ll ever hear.

  24. Nothing brings people together like the Olympics.

  25. If Americans lived everyday like it was the Olympics I think the nation would just be a lot better as a whole.

  26. Figure out where the nearest hospital is that accepts your insurance.

  27. Grieving is a process and looks different to everyone.

  28. Taking regular social media breaks is important. As is taking breaks when you start to feel burned out. Breaks are good. That’s why we had them in school.

  29. Frankie Muniz totally shops at Carmax.

  30. When you go on a date do a quick survey of where the bathrooms are. That way when you have a bad reaction to the ice cream you and your date won’t be sitting at the table directly next to the 1 person bathroom with the paper thin walls.

  31. The first day of Whole 30 is rough, especially if you don’t prepare.

  32. Just because you live in a neighborhood does not necessarily mean you’ll have any trick-or-treaters on Halloween.

  33. You are not the only one who puts on some Switchfoot and stares out the window thinking your life is worse than it actually is.

  34. Your sister is still probably the coolest person you know.

  35. We are all different, and that’s ok. That’s how it SHOULD be! But that doesn’t mean we can’t relate to each other. Everyone poops and all our pee smells bad when we eat asparagus #humanity.

  36. The fool who brings smelly Chinese food on the plane does NOT deserve an exit row seat.

  37. America is like an airport. There are a billion rules but we only know about 4 of them, you can always count on it to be crowded-especially around the holidays, and everyone thinks they could do a much better job of running the place but nobody actually wants the job. But you will never see more love than you do at baggage claim. And that’s the love that we should spread around the world.

  38. ^^^man that was deep.

  39. Get the car with the better gas mileage. Trust me.

  40. Carved pumpkins do not last long outside. They take a turn for the gross REAL quick.

  41. Breakfast with your friends the morning after a wedding is the best.

  42. It’s ok to be sad sometimes. If Inside Out taught us anything it’s that sadness is just as important as joy. Give yourself grace and the space for sadness. It’s ok, I promise.

  43. Got a dream? Tell people about it. Sure it’s scary, but vulnerability is an important part of pursuing your dreams. And the more people you tell, the more your dream becomes a reality.

  44. A lot of these are starting to sound like an inspirational poster. Sorry.

  45. Put pen to paper every now and then. We don’t do that enough anymore but it’s just good. Plus we spent all that time learning penmanship in lower school so might as well get some use out of it!

  46. You know you’re old when the things you used to wear in your youth are now considered cool, vintage and trendy.

  47. There are few ways to make a truly truly bad day better. But one of them is watching late night tv sketches or tv show bloopers or both! Works every time.

  48. Remember Must Love Dogs? Is it weird to relate to that at 25?

  49. Black Eyed Peas’ lyrics have stood the test of time.

  50. There’s nothing like belting out musicals at the top of your lungs with your best friend.

  51. That super moon is no joke.

  52. Sometimes all it takes is 1 drunk 40yr old guy dressed up as Superman to fix your leaking fridge at 2am. And a neighbor who throws Halloween parties late into the night.

  53. Every time I watch Man Up I end up talking in a British accent for a few hours. Casual side effect of loving Simon Pegg and Lake Bell I guess!

  54. Parents are the best and probably the only people who will drive an hour and half to pick you up from a friends wedding just to turn right back around and take you to the airport.

  55. Does everyone lower the volume when they’re looking for a street or address, because in some weird way we think it will obviously help our sight? Or is that just me…

  56. Sometimes you just need to eat a bag full of leftover turkey in the car and crank up Aerosmith’s “Rag Doll”. Well you don’t really need to, I just did it one time and it was fun.

  57. Find “your” tv show. Ya know, the one that never fails to turn your day around. The one that never fails to comfort you. The one you can recite backwards with your eyes closed while patting your head and STILL love. Or find a book that does that.

  58. Tough love is tough for a reason. It’s tough to give and it’s tough to take. But if it’s done from a place of love it’s right.

  59. Chivalry is not dead. You just have to squint a little harder to see it.

  60. Sometimes laying on the couch all day in your pajamas with your mamma is the best therapy you’ll ever need.

  61. Wrapping paper from the dollar store can make a suuuuuper legit statement wall.

  62. When I grow up I want to be the person that names Yankee candles.

  63. Just give it to Goodwill already.

  64. Rainy days in LA are kinda the most peaceful thing.

  65. Don’t forget about your happiness.

  66. Driving home listening to the Broadway Lion King soundtrack is a great way to vent out frustrations and/or laugh. But FYI you might lookup and find yourself in a Costco parking lot in the middle of nowhere wondering how you got there… #life

  67. Sometimes when you read autobiographies at lunch, you’ll start narrating your own life as you walk back to the office.

  68. Sometimes you just need to stay in on a Saturday night and watch Planet Earth.

  69. When you feel yourself starting to cry and you don’t know why, let it out girl. Just like farts, tears are no good bottled up.

  70. Also REM says everybody cries, so you’re definitely not alone.

  71. It’s totally fine to leave your Christmas decorations up til Valentine’s Day.

  72. Friendsgiving is one of the best feelings of warmth ever.

  73. Show up. Just show up. And bring hugs.

  74. Making time for your own happiness is super important. I can’t stress that enough.

  75. Peter Pan is still one of the best stories around.

  76. Therapists are the bomb. Everyone should have one and no one should feel ashamed that they see one. We all need help sometimes.

  77. Find your “cure-alls”. Things that 9 times out of 10 will make you feel better. Mine are the ocean, Jimmy Fallon/James Cordon videos, tv show blooper reels, my favorite worship music, ice cream, HGTV (specifically Fixer Upper), coloring, jamming to music with the windows down or dancing in the kitchen, photography, sunsets and children.

  78. I saw a homeless man today on the side of the road. I’ve gotten so used to seeing them I’ve stopped even reading their signs because it makes my heart hurt and I always feel very very guilty. But at the last second as I passed him I saw his sign. All it said was “smile please”. And that one split second has made me smile every day since.

  79. The story of The Good Samaritan is one of the all time best. Even if you’ve heard it a million times, I challenge you to read it again. It’s more than a story, it’s a way of living.

  80. Friends come and go, even best friends. But that doesn’t mean your relationship is any less special.

  81. Sometimes it’s just good to look up random plane flights to random far off places. Sometimes it’s just good to dream.

  82. For real I might name my future daughter Wendy Darling. Because any woman who loves adventure and taking care of the people she loves is a woman worth naming a child after. Plus she learns to fly.

  83. Hey remember libraries? They still exist folks. And they’re still free.

  84. Remember how good a warm washcloth used to feel when you were sick? It fixed almost everything. And it just a warm washcloth. A simple washcloth.

  85. Don’t judge a hairdresser by if they steal your last remaining hair rubber-band or not. Judge them by the actual work they do on your hair. 

  86. There are many reasons to create a super cool backyard. But probably the best reason is so it can be the place your friend decides to asks your other friend to marry him <3

  87. Sometimes you’re in a really fancy restaurant’s bathroom and it’s a one stall and a lady you don’t know comes in and strikes up a conversation with you in line, and then continues to talk to you when you go in the one stall and then you feel so uncomfortable that you no longer have to go but you can’t just leave because she’s already heard you just sit there and do nothing so you rustle things around in your purse while you try to muster up a sneeze. Because making random noises totally makes more sense than just flushing the toilet and leaving like a normal person.

  88. A benefit of working with people who are not your age is when you realize you’ve been wearing your sweater inside out all day you can just call it “on trend” instead of “I woke up really late and had no idea”.

  89. You may think Cameron Diaz is driving behind you, but she’s definitely not. There’s no way Cameron Diaz drives a Toyota.

  90. Sometimes you let an executive think you have a child because when he mentions it you’re too far away to correct him and you (think) he’ll be retiring soon. But then it’ll be 2 years later and it’s still going on because instead of correcting him you’ll say things like “she’s walking now” and “she’s one I think” and then he’ll think you’re the worst mother in the world because you don’t have a single picture of your daughter on your desk.

  91. Invest in a credit card that gives you airline miles.

  92. When in doubt, rewatch Smallville.

  93. Coming up with a name for a company is HARD.

  94. There will always be leftover honeydew on the office fruit platter.

  95. When you’re not feeling like yourself, you may not believe it, but the best way to get back to you is to volunteer your time for someone else.

  96. Practice your handshake regularly. Because on the day that one executive you always see at work but have never said anything more than “hello” to, decides to introduce himself in the middle of the parking lot, you’ll be so caught off guard that your handshake will be SO WEAK and you’ll leave thinking “please please don’t remember me as the girl with the weak handshake. Because I’m better than that and also because I would not like to be personally responsible for setting feminism back 50 years”.

  97. Real talk, blasting YMCA in your car is an instant mood booster.

  98. Wonder Woman is important.

  99. Sometimes you have to tell a parent that you can’t babysit this weekend because you have non-refundable tickets to a museum. But then he’ll ask what museum? And you’ll have to tell the truth and say, “the museum of ice cream”….

  100. Try living within your means every once in awhile.

  101. Some days you just really really miss someone.

  102. Lists are game changers.

  103. You have more friends than you know.

  104. Quick trips with loved ones, even 24 hour trips, are worth it. 24 hours is plenty of time to fit in a giant record store, a movie, museum and a baseball game. And all the yummy foods.

  105. Sometimes all you need is a really good conversation with a really good human being.

  106. Don’t listen to TLC, you should definitely go chasing waterfalls.

  107. Be nice to your neighbors so when the landlord comes by asking questions, they defend you and blame your ugly yard on the gardener.

  108. Also remember Mister Rogers? Remember how he taught us to always be a good neighbor? Yeah those life lessons apply to adults too.

  109. Even Batman trips going up the stairs.

  110. Just because your work isn’t stressful doesn’t mean you don’t have a stressful job.

  111. People care. And sometimes it’s the people you’d least expect.

  112. Listen more

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  • Reply Sarah Younger 06-16-2017 at 7:30 pm

    This post literally made me laugh out while speaking so much truth at the same time. I love, love, love reading your blog!!! Keep doing what you’re doing! I hope all is well! 😘

    • Reply Katie 07-10-2017 at 12:20 pm

      Thanks Sarah!!! That means so much! I’m so glad you enjoyed it 🙂

  • Reply Hailey Oltman 06-18-2017 at 4:02 pm

    So much honest hilarity, wisdom and love in your inner thoughts! I love it!! Thank you for sharing your intimate Katie-isms!

    • Reply Katie 07-10-2017 at 12:21 pm

      Hailey!! Thank you dear!!! Miss you forever 🙂

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