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The One With October’s Little Things


I promise I did not forget about my monthly little things post!! My busy season started a bit early and there are no plans for it to slow down until the new year :O. But that’s ok! I’ve never pretended to be perfect on this blog and this (7 day late) post is just further proof of my human-ness ;). But I did have a grand ole time in October!! A bunch of my friends were born this month which meant lots of fun party times. I had a childhood dream come true of seeing the Dixie Chicks in concert (bonus points for it being at the Hollywood Bowl and seeing them with my best friends), got to share in my favorite fall tradition with new friends, celebrated a friends engagement with other friends, MY BESTIE FROM COLLEGE GOT ENGAGED (and I’m clearly still freaking out about it), plus I got to spend lots of quality time with my roommates, friends and my old college adviser! Sometimes you forget how a really good conversation with a really good person can impact your entire day, week, month, year. I was lucky to have a bunch of those this month, and that’s what is helping to power me through this crazy season. I also did the Whole30 challenge this month with my best friend. And y’all, it was HARD. But also so so good! I’m not really a “challenge” person. Want to know the last time I ran a marathon? It was never. So this was tough for me, but I’m proud of myself (and Alyson!!) for completing it! I learned a lot and I’m happy to say I feel better. I’m not craving things I thought I would and I discovered a bunch of new healthy recipes I’m going to continue to make well after Whole30! If you are interested in hearing more about my Whole30 journey please shoot me an email!! I’d LOVE to share more about my experience, pros & cons, and my recipes that got me through it! Biggest advice? Do it with a friend. Actually that’s just solid life advice. Things are always better with a friend 🙂

img_5752{ There’s nothing like a good walk with good friends }

img_5764{ Spent a lot of time with my “projects” notebook. This guy just makes me really happy for things to come }

img_5754{ Cool vibes at an even cooler tattoo parlor …don’t worry fam, I was not the one getting the tattoo 🙂 }

img_5751{ When you’re 1,300 miles away from your bestie when she gets engaged, you send her this }

img_5575{ My favorite place in my favorite season in my new favorite pants }

{ Whole30 introduced me to these little beauties and I’m a fan }

img_5747{ Halloween remnants still in my car }

img_5755{ Will travel for fall }

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