Little Things

The One With October’s Little Things


Better late than never y’all but happy NOVEMBER!! (what?!)

October was very very full. Every weekend/weekday was busy with something (which hopefully explains the lack of postings on my part) and it never slowed down for a minute. The first weekend in October saw a Van Halen concert and my sissy in town! We had the most marvelous time hanging, exploring and eating (some of our favorite things) all over town. The next weekend saw a trip to the Rosebowl flea with the roommates to prep for the following weekend, time at the movies, and seeing my friend kill it in her choir concert. The weekend after that was our housewarming party!!! Only 3 months after we moved in… but still glad we had one! The house has now been very well warmed 🙂 And I adventured to Yucaipa CA for some fall feelings and fall foods with some wonderful friends (who also appreciate food and fall as much as I do). Thennnn I went to San Francisco with my parents to see my sister killing the working and living game in SF (proud of you Bex). And finally we had Halloween weekend and all the candy and costume-filled shenanigans that entailed. Mix in a bunch quality friend hangs, birthdays, movie nights, new friendships and trips to Lowes, thrift stores and garage sales to fix up the house and you’ve got my October! Like I said, FULL. I was actually planning on getting this post out on Sunday but I spent the ENTIRE day napping. And y’all for the first time in 31 days I feel like I have recovered and am finally well rested. Let’s hope I can carry that restful feeling into November!!

IMG_8132{ Cutest little display at the BEST cookie place in LA }

IMG_8148{ Only my sister could find this sign in the middle of downtown’s busy streets }

IMG_8301{ We may have to travel for it, but there is some fall in California }

IMG_8190{ Bookstores are my favorite }

IMG_8273{ Everybody take note, THIS is the worlds most perfect housewarming gift }

IMG_8708{ You go Pierre!!! }

IMG_8430{ Too much HGTV plus a new house means home furnishing stores are my new OBSESSION }


{ The most brilliant store ever in San Francisco }

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