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The One With Overalls

Look. I just really want to bring overalls back.
Don’t hate me.Maybe it’s the massive amount of Buffy I’ve been watching lately, but I just really want to make overalls a thing again. I also wanna make “what’s shakin’ bacon?” and scrunchies a thing again too, but that’s mainly for my own personal convenience.
Here is my case for overalls.1. POCKETS. Y’all think about all the storage space!!!! Obviously if you go around carrying a TI-89 calculator (are those still a thing?) in your pocket, people are gonna judge. We can get past judgment on the heavy stuff but we just can’t get past judging a massive calculator chilling in your overall pocket front and center…sorry, that’s just the way the world works. And sometimes I’m just really over lugging around a purse all day, no matter how cute it looks with my outfit. Guys get to wear those pants with all the pockets, they could practically walk around with a convenient store in their pockets and that’s ok(ish) and yet an iPhone in an otter-box can barely fit into our skinny jeans. IT’S A DOUBLE STANDARD PEOPLE. And it needs to stop.2. Sometimes my shirt’s a little wrinkly and I want something to cover it up, but not completely. Here’s the thing you need to know about me. I’m a messy person, probably as messy as it gets. But the one and only time you’ll see some intense OCD kick in is when it comes to wrinkles in my clothes. Anyone who has lived with me in the past can tell you that I don’t handle them well and will completely change my outfit from head to toe if there are visible wrinkles. You think I’m kidding but my portable steamer is my most prized possession. When my first one broke I may or may not have shed a tear & said a few words… I LOST A VERY IMPORTANT MEMBER OF MY FAMILY OK?! In the winter/fall it’s a lot easier to hide the wrinkles with a cardigan or a scarf. But in the summer? HECK NO TECHNO, it’s too hot for that madness. Thus the perfect answer is overalls. It obviously doesn’t cover everything, but it will cover enough of the wrinkles to keep my OCD at bay.
3. I am beyond over the booty shorts craze. Maybe it’s just a LA thing, but if I see one more tweenybopper in jean shorts that COULD NOT POSSIBLY BE COMFORTABLE I’m gonna flip. Or have a stern talking to with their parentals. Enough with the wedgie shorts people, they’re not flattering, do NOT look comfortable, and have so little fabric they really shouldn’t even be called shorts. I’ve seen swimsuit bottoms that cover more than some of these shorts. I realize by saying this, if overalls were to become a thing again I know inevitably girls would buy the ones that are two sizes too small and it would probably look just as trashy. But hear me out… overalls that are too small are 10000x more painful then booty shorts, so girls would only make the mistake once and start buying clothes that actually fit them. Maybe? Possibly? Is that too much to hope for? Probably. But it’s worth a try!4. If Britney can make a comeback, so can the overalls. That should really be the only reason that’s necessary.
Directly after I posted this I saw TWO people rockin’ overalls at the grocery store.
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