The One With School Supply Shopping For Adults

True story, one of my favorite things in the world come fall is school supply shopping. Growing up I got an unnatural high every time I got to pick out new highlighters and post-its. And even though I knew the thrill would wear off within the first few weeks, I still looked forward to school supply shopping EVERY YEAR.One of the hardest realizations for me last year was realizing the next time I go school supply shopping will be with my future kiddos…

Wowza y’all. All the feels.

And last year that realization, I will admit, made me a liiiiiiiiiiiiittle more sad than I had expected. So this year I’ve decided to make a change. Who says back-to-school shopping is only for the kiddos?! To me, this marks more of the start of a new year than New Years does! It honestly rarely sinks in that we are in a new year until the summer hits (and my birthday roles around) and I don’t get the “this is a new year, a new me” feeling until, well, right about now.

And you know what? It is a new year, and it is a new me (but only kinda…let’s not get carried away here). So this is what I propose: LIFE supply shopping. Getting a group of things we need to get us through the year! Don’t go too spending happy, I don’t want to be held responsible when you’re thousands of $$ in debt and you say this blog made you do it (LOL, like this blog could ever have that kind of influence ;).

But maybe set yourself a budget and get some of those “staples” (gotta throw a school supply ref in here where I can) that you’ve always wanted/needed but never had the excuse to buy!

For me? These lovelys are some of the things on my “LIFE supply list”. Click on the pictures to see where I got them!!

And that’s basically it!!! What are some of the things on your Life Supply Shopping list?
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