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The One With September’s Little Things


Well friends, it’s October… WHAT?! How did this happen?! Maybe these 105 temps are getting the best of me, but I can’t believe summer is over and fall is here! This past month was ALL kinds of busy with something wild and new every weekend. I kicked off September with a road trip up the PCH for Labor Day weekend. 1 car, 5 girls, 3 days, countless replays of “Closer”. It was an absolute blast! And I have 950+ photos to prove it. I finally updated my computer so I’m just now getting around to editing those bad boys but I’m excited to share them with y’all! Caught up with a lot of old friends and new friends this month which is always the best 🙂 Lots of birthdays, catch-up dates and random hangs. Plus I FINALLY got my car fixed, so I relied on a lot of quality people for about a week to take me places and they were pretty much angels! Had a good time at a few concerts, movies and the county fair (I’m a sucker for a good funnel cake). And TV shows started back up because contrary to mother nature’s feelings, it is fall. Went to a Dodger game and got to see fireworks, back to back home runs and say thank you to Vin Scully (not personally, but I like to think he knew I was there). Got to go to a super fun event at the El Rey theater for The Beatles’ new documentary on Hulu. So basically I got to dance around to a bunch of random (albeit AWESOME) Beatles cover bands with a bunch of Beatles loving people. It. Was. Great. Literally I will never turn down a Beatles-themed night y’all. Basically it was an all around solid month! Looking forward to a calm October before I hit the ground running for the holidays!

img_5334{ Nothing like the a day at the fair to force you into fall }

img_5308{ Spent a day at the Blogettes workshop in downtown LA, such a gorgeous setup!! }

img_5372{ Love me some baseball y’all }

img_5369{ Thankful for parents who raised me on The Beatles and friends whose parents did too }

img_4880{ Sucker for all things green }

img_5380{ This was the cutest surprise to see when I got off an elevator }

img_5368{ Spent a fun night in my cowboy boots with my country-loving friends AND Carrie Underwood }

img_5381{ Signs of fall in the grocery store 🙂 }

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