Little Things

The One With September’s Little Things


Well September you sure flew by! Amirite?!? I feel like I’m still getting used to the fact summer is over and the holidays (what?!) are just around the corner! This month was busy, but mainly on the work (and work related events) side of things. Other than that I spent most of my time hanging with friends, rearranging and unpacking the new house, DIYing thing after thing, and eating lots and lots (and lots and lots) of ice cream because i have no self-control it was crazy hot outside. September also saw a lot of family time and FUN birthdays which I’m alllllllllllllllllllllll about 😉 Mix that with screenings, shopping and more than a few pool days and you’ve basically got my month! But hanging out with the roomies and talking big plans for our house has been the best. Every time I have more than 5 seconds to sit and relax, I get the most overwhelming sense of peace about this house. It came to us out of the blue and right when we needed it most. An actual answered prayer. I love our open door policy and how it is always filled with people (who also respect my introverted alone time). I love daydreaming about decorating and creating things for the house (next up? the backyard!!) but also enjoying all the different things each of us have brought to this place. This house is just the greatest gift. And it doesn’t hurt that it’s down the street from some of my best friends houses too 😉  Bring on the fall y’all!!!!!!!

the one where i move to california{ Spent a lot of time at Lowes this month. And not just to visit the hot dog stand }

IMG_7954{ THIS (and a ridiculously  awesome bounce house) is how to decorate a set of triplets 4th birthday y’all }

IMG_7630{ It’s not Waco, but it suuuuuure is a wacky place }

IMG_7596{ Cutest display at the cutest little store in Silverlake }

IMG_7853{ This makes me want to have a masquerade party real bad }

IMG_7937{ An entire dress made out of candy. Brilliant. }


{ Pettigrew Pops (aka the new Chocolate Frogs) are the perfect Harry Potter party treat }

IMG_7828{ My new motto }

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