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The One With Some Christmas Printables



Hi friends!! Today I’ve eaten 3 pieces of homemade fudge, 1.5 cookies and 2 brownies and it’s below 70 degrees in Los Angeles. You know what that means?! IT’S CHRISTMAS TIME!!!


Now while I make it no secret that Thanksgiving is my favorite time of year, Christmas runs a close second. So in honor of this season I’ve made some printables and/or wallpapers for y’all! They go great as phone or desktop backgrounds, as well as framed printables, tags for gifts or even sent out as Christmas cards (ummm if you do send one of these out as your Christmas card let me know because I’ll basically love you forever and think you’re the coolest person of all time).

And as I have done in the past, all my subscriber pals get an EXCLUSIVE additional printable!! And it’s stinkin’ cute if I do say so myself 🙂 So if you want it please submit your email at the bottom of this blog post and I’ll send it your way! Yay! And happy holidays everyone!!


photo-dec-14-3-32-27-pm youvegotmailchristmasquote.jpg


photo-dec-14-3-32-04-pmjoytotheworldSNOW.jpg // joytotheworld.jpg


photo-dec-14-3-31-43-pmchristmastreeLIGHT.jpg // christmastreeDARK.jpg



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