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Happy Christmas Eve Eve friends!!

Who doesn’t love a good last-minute decor craft? I know I do, almost as much as a last-minute blog post 😉 These 2 crafts are the perfect, easy, and inexpensive answers to adding just the right amount of cheer to your holiday decor. They can both be made in a hour, or the full length of a Christmas movie, and they can also be done individually or with the whole family!

The first craft idea comes from my BRILLIANTLY creative mother: DIY Christmas Tree Topiaries!

Here’s what you’ll need:


This literally takes 3 THINGS to make y’all!! Or 4 if you want to add lights 🙂

Step 1IMG_1755 IMG_1754Duct tape the tomato cage at the top to form a tree. The camo factor of the duct tape isn’t really necessary (but it makes it more fun 😉 )

Step 2
IMG_1764 IMG_1774 IMG_1772Begin twisting the garland around the tomato cage. Thread the garland in and out of the cage wrapping it around the cage wires til you form a tree.

Step 3
IMG_1779 IMG_1777 IMG_1792 IMG_1790Fluff the garland the desired amount and set it on top of planters. Really you could set this anywhere and decorate with ornaments, ribbon, lights, bows, Christmas cards, etc!

Final product!!!!IMG_1788

See?! Crazy easy and adds SO much! Well done Momma B 🙂


The second craft takes a little more time and some more supplies… but it looks great practically anywhere in the house: DIY Cranberry Sign

Here’s what you’ll need:IMG_209745654

Wood letters at any craft store would have worked too, I just couldn’t find any at the time 😉

Step 1IMG_2149Draw the letters for your sign. I chose to DIY the word “Merry”. If you aren’t the best at free handing you could totally print out some block letters on Word and trace them onto the board.

Step 2IMG_2159 IMG_2165Cut board with X-acto knife. It’s ok if the break, the styrofoam is pretty thin so several of mine did. But hey, that hot glue gun isn’t just for the cranberries 😉

Step 3
IMG_2176Paint the letters red INCLUDING THE SIDES. The cranberries, no matter how much you cram them together, will not completely cover up the white of the styrofoam (or brown of the wood letters you could get). And unless you plan on hanging them so they are eye level, the sides will also show. I didn’t think of this until after I was done and therefore only painted on side of one letter…oh well!

Step 4
IMG_2128IMG_2183Take the cranberries and hot glue like there’s no tomorrow. This will be the most time consuming part of the craft. It’s a lot like putting together a puzzle. You got to find the right cranberry that fits the row, is the right color/shape and isn’t completely smushed. But trust me, when you finish a letter it is the BEST!

Step 5 
IMG_2200IMG_2213Glue cranberries around the outer edge of the letter to make a more rounded and cohesive look to your letters. You can tell the difference between the “M” and the “R”.

Final product!!!

There you have it folks! Some last-minute Christmas DIYs to do on Christmas Eve Day! These are sure to be the hit of the holiday and make all your relatives jealous at you Christmas dinner (or breakfast/brunch/lunch) 🙂

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays y’all!!


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