Lovely Latelys

The One With Some Lovely Latelys


Happy Monday my friends!! Hope y’all had a simply splendid weekend 🙂

IMG_4920Today I’m excited to share the first Lovely Latelys post in my Favorite Happy Things tab! From time to time I find that I have a handful of pictures lying around that I have no specific post to use them in and I honestly find it quite frustrating. I have this weird love of editing photos (it’s one of my favorite ways to recharge) and often times spend entire days cooped up just editing away. And I love it.

But because photography is one of my first loves, I absolutely hated having photos and nowhere to post them. At one point I unintentionally started using my Little Things series as a way to display pictures that I love, instead of using the series for its actual purpose of sharing pictures of little things that brought me happiness during the month! Lucky for me, I’m the boss of this blog and I can post photos whether I have a reason to or not. So I decided to refocus my Little Things series back to its roots and create a new series where I just post photos for no real rhyme or reason. And that’s how “Lovely Latelys” was born.

I will never claim that these are the best photos you’ve ever seen, or frankly, that you should even spend the time looking at them! It’s really just a way for me to post photos that mean something to me and clean out my iPhoto at the same time. This is really a two birds, one stone type thing. So with that super persuasive introduction… 😉 I present some photos I love and the first of my randomly scheduled Lovely Latelys series.


IMG_4017IMG_4017dfgdIMG_4019tyuIMG_4098dfgfIMG_4988 IMG_4993 IMG_4997IMG_5135fghfgIMG_5139fghgIMG_5140hgjh IMG_5452 IMG_5459 IMG_5918 IMG_5921 IMG_5925 IMG_5926 IMG_5932 IMG_5933 IMG_5934 IMG_5940 IMG_5960 IMG_5963 IMG_5967

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  • Reply Genie 08-10-2015 at 11:57 am

    Yes, yes, yes!!!! All too good to toss!!!!!!!! You have a great eye for the “fun stuff” keep it up
    Love it ALL &you too.

  • Reply CalPal 08-11-2015 at 11:04 am


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