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The One With “The 20’s Project”

I saw this idea on a blog I am OBSESSED with called BloomShe made a list of twenty things she wants to do in her twenties!My favorite thing about her list is they are only things she can do independently. She doesn’t include things like marriage, because that is dependent on someone else (though I do bend that rule a little…see #14 and #17). As I do things on this list I will un-bold/underline them! I think this is a beautiful way to enjoy one of the most exciting decades in a persons life. Life as a twenty-something is full of adventure, learning, growth and finding yourself. What better way to do that then make a list of things you want to do while you’re young? So folks, here’s to livin’ while we’re young!

1. Read the entire Bible

2. Live in New York City

3. Travel to Europe

4. Take a cooking class

5. Have a spa day with all the works

6. Go to an awards show

7. Spend the entire night on the beach and watch the sunrise

8. Go on a mission trip overseas

9. Live outside the US

10. Run a half marathon (…or walk it)

11. Take an improv class

12. Start a blog

13. Conquer a fear of mine (…probably surfing)

14. Be a mentor

15. Start and maintain a garden

16. Go to a Gavin DeGraw concert

17. Be a pen pal (a little old fashioned letter writing never hurt anyone)

18. Learn how to play the guitar

19. Splurge on one insanely expensive piece of clothing

20. Attend a Renaissance Festival

Also, this is an on-going list. I don’t know everything I want to do in my twenties, right this very second. I hope to update this list often, and maybe even write new posts about the ones I check off!

Whether you’re in your teens, twenties or fifties, I encourage you to make a list. Sometimes it;s good to give yourself a deadline. And sometimes you just need a gentle reminder of things you’ve dreamed about doing and the challenge to actually do them.

So be a dreamer, I dare ya 🙂

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