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In case you couldn’t tell from the picture and subtle title, I recently went to San Francisco!! My parents and I got to visit my rad little sis while she is completing her architecture residency. And let me just tell ya folks, she is ROCKING it up there!! She went to SF only knowing one, maybe two people and within the first few weeks she already had a zillion friends (I’m only slightly exaggerating). She is absolutely taking advantage of being in this amazing city for a short while and exploring all the ins and outs while also planting roots. I am very proud of her and hope she ends up moving there so I can have a couch to crash on whenever I want 😉

The trip was all too short but we still had quite the packed agenda. Our first stop was to see the incredibly awe-inspiring redwoods in Muir Woods National Park, then we picnicked in Golden Gate Park and saw some spectacular views of the city from the de Young Museum, then we went to some bison (because duh), and then capped the night off with dinner and ice cream! The next day saw a pirate store (which might have been my favorite stop of the entire trip), the Ghirardelli shop (because hellooooooo free samples), and the most delicious dinner ever at the SF Ferry Building. And on our last day we visited my sisters church and picnicked in front of the Painted Ladies before brunch and our flights home. Plus we drove all. over. town. and took all the scenic routes to get everywhere we needed to go so we saw A LOT. My sister was a fantastic tour guide and did a good job of showing us all the sites and her favorite local hangs. It was definitely a fun weekend in a fun city with a fun family 🙂

IMG_1309 IMG_1351IMG_1361IMG_1344IMG_8360IMG_1342IMG_1382IMG_1328IMG_8378 IMG_8385 IMG_8386 IMG_8387 IMG_8388 IMG_8398IMG_8395IMG_8392IMG_1396 IMG_1401 IMG_1398 IMG_1400 IMG_8440 IMG_1440 IMG_1408 IMG_8435 IMG_8436 IMG_8453 IMG_8462 IMG_8467 IMG_8479 IMG_8481 IMG_8483 IMG_8496 IMG_1439 IMG_8515 IMG_8525 IMG_8528 IMG_1435 IMG_1425IMG_1427IMG_1428IMG_8547 IMG_1415 IMG_1419IMG_8627 IMG_8610 IMG_8608 IMG_8604 IMG_8595 IMG_8623 IMG_1463IMG_1481

Miss ya already SF!! Can’t wait to road trip back to see ya 🙂

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