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The One Without Autumn



Living in California is great.

It is always sunny, the parks are nice and any number of beaches are just a short drive away-every single day! But one thing LA does not have is a fall.

Fall is my favorite season. Winter is magical, summer is fun and spring is happy, but fall? It is the BEST. I mean it is the only season that has two different names, so awesome they named it twice! There is just something about the warm colors the leaves turn and the pumpkin flavored E V E R Y T H I N G. It’s wrap yourself up in a scarf, grab a warm drink and listen to the leaves crunch under your boots weather.

Like I mentioned in my last post, I had the almost unreal privilege of living in New York City last fall. And let me tell ya folks, the concrete jungle did NOT disappoint. Central Park is one of my favorite places in the world. But walking through it in its full autumn glory? It was like something straight out of a movie! (I had my very own little When Harry Met Sally moment and LOVED IT). I even got to experience my favorite holiday in NYC complete with the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and playing football with my friends in Central Park.

To me though, fall is all about traditions and warmth. Fall means the family gathering to watch our favorite teams play a good game of football, breaking out the old family recipes and cooking delicious food together, and lets not forget the pumpkin carving!

So out here in the year-round 75 degree weather, not having a fall (especially after having the perfect fall in NY) is going to be an adjustment. I’m going to have to alter some traditions and start some new ones! I’ll still spend Saturday mornings watching football (I am Texan after all-it’s in my blood), I’m going to try new pumpkin recipes that will make my whole apartment smell like autumn, and I might just have to buy some fake fall leaves and scatter them on my roof just to hear the sound of something other than palm leaves crunching under my feet.

The transition into Autumn is one of the most beautiful things I see each year. This year, I’m going to miss it more than I thought.

On the other hand, fall in LA means TV shows are starting up again! Helloooooo NCIS, New Girl, HIMYM, Parenthood, NCIS: LA, Modern Family and Saturday Night Live!

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